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Rutland Lecture Series

Spring 2018

The Rutland Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) exists to promote continuing education for area residents aged fifty and over. Started in 2003 as an affiliate of the University of Vermont with a startup grant from the Osher Foundation, we are an all–volunteer, nonprofit organization.

We are grateful to the Rutland Recreation and Parks Department and to the volunteers who make this program possible.

Time and Place
Each of the eight lectures in this Spring 2018 term will be from 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM on a Friday afternoon at the Godnick Adult Center, 1 Deer Street (off Woodstock Avenue) in Rutland. For directions to the Godnick Center or for program information call 446-2041 or 492-2300.

What If It Snows?
In the event of a severe winter storm or storm warning, we will follow the lead of the Rutland High School.  If RHS closes for the day (not simply a delayed opening), we will cancel our program for that day.  RHS closings are announced on local radio and TV and www.vpr.net/community/schoolclosings/.


April 6
Cuba Past and Present: A First-Hand Account of a Complex and Cordial Country
During an independent visit to Cuba in 2016, Elayne Clift and her husband talked with people from all walks of life, took copious photographs, and witnessed Castro’s funeral procession. A writer and journalist, she will speak about Cuba’s history, culture, politics and art. Her talk is informative, informal, and entertaining!

April 13
“Poor Mexico: So Far from God, So Close to the United States”
This popular Mexican saying sums up the view of many Mexicans towards their northern neighbor. From the Mexican-American War to the current drug war, the history of Mexico has been intimately intertwined with policy decisions in Washington. UVM Associate Professor of Political Science Caroline Beer will present an overview of the history and politics of US-Mexican relations.

April 20
A Passport to My “Bucket List”
Professor Bryant Reynolds introduces his lecture this way: “I have always been a traveler since my tour of duty in Vietnam. I’ve wanted to see as much of the world as possible. One of the places on my “Bucket List” that I’ve always wanted to visit was the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu. An opportunity arose when the Road Scholar organization offered a trip to Ecuador and Peru to explore the Inca’s sacred empire and the Amazonregion. Our group explored the Napo River and Amazon jungles by riverboat and then flew to Lima, Peru, to go by train and bus to Machu Picchu. And, therefore, I invite you all to accompany me onmy trip to see what I call one of the true wonders of the world!”


May 4
The Owl: Silent Predator of the Night
Kurt J. Valenta, President of Exordium, a nature and outdoor education organization, will bring us a close-up look at one of the most relentless predators of the skies. The owl, imbued with a mystical reputation, silent in flight and having unrivaled hearing, can hunt in total darkness catching prey with uncanny consistency. He will parse fact from fantasy in understanding this majestic bird.

May 11
Sleep, Wonderful Sleep
Deb Brown, Supervisor at RRMC’s Center for Sleep and Kimberly Dyer, Clinical Sleep Educator, will look at how important sleep is to overall good health, especially for older people. They will review the best techniques to assure a good night’s rest, what to avoid before bedtime, and what to do to optimize the chances for restorative sleep so that people can wake up refreshed and ready to face the day.

May 18
Running Rutland
David Allaire, Mayor of Rutland, and some members of his administration, will join us to give an overview of what it takes to run the city. How the responsibilities are divided among the departments, what role the Board of Aldermen plays, and how the Mayor interfaces with other civic entities, will be discussed. There will be time for audience questions.

May 25
The Inside Story of the Sistine Chapel
Mike Huff, a travel guide and high school and college teacher, will review the history of this unique chapel.  With extensive photos from his many travels to Rome, he will share the fascinating history and background of the artworks, and guide us through useful tips for viewing. His talk will give listeners a whole new understanding of this special place in the Vatican.

Membership Information

Purchase of a $30 membership entitles you to attend all eight sessions during the Spring 2018 term.

Members also may attend (at no additional charge) Elder Education Enrichment programs in South Burlington and Osher programs in any of seven other Vermont towns: Brattleboro, Central Vermont (Montpelier/Barre), Lamoille Valley (Stowe), Newport/Derby/Stanstead, Springfield, St. Albans, and St. Johnsbury; and (at a discounted price) the programs on the UVM campus.

Non-members may attend any lecture for $5 at the door. Memberships may be purchased at the door or by completing this membership form  and mailing it with a $30 check (made out to UVM) to:

     UVM OLLI Registration Office

     460 South Prospect Street

     Burlington, VT 05401

For a complete listing of all programs, see our listing in a pdf format.

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