Central Vermont Lecture Series

Spring 2014 Program

Montpelier Senior Activities Center (MSAC) or Barre Aldrich Library (BAL)


All programs are on Wednesdays at 1:30 p.m.. Lectures are held Montpelier
Senior Activity Center or Aldrich Public Library, Barre. Doors open at 12:30pm for those wishing to have brown bag lunch together.

February 5 — Montpelier
Dan Lindner, Musician
The Ghost of Gold Brook Bridge: The Vermont Story Songs of Banjo Dan
A musician for more than 40 years, Dan Lindner, a.k.a. Banjo Dan, has written numerous songs in the folk/bluegrass/country genre, many inspired by Vermont legend, lore, and history. Dan will discuss and illustrate the ways he has sought to deliver these tales in music.

February 12 — Montpelier
Governor Madeleine Kunin
Gender Equality: A Prerequisite for Economic Growth and Political Stability
Madeleine Kunin, diplomat, politician, and author, is a champion for women’s equality. She served as the first female governor of Vermont and as US Ambassador to Switzerland. Her recent book, The New Feminist Agenda, analyzes the issue of women’s rights in several aspects of our society.

February 19 — Montpelier
A Formal Debate: Hazen Union and Montpelier High School Debate Teams, with David Kelley, debate coach
Resolved: Development assistance should be prioritized over military aid to the Sahel region of Africa.
David Kelley is an attorney who has been very influential in high school debate in Vermont as an organizer and coach. He has long been involved with international cultural exchanges and educational projects. This debate topic was chosen by the National Forensics League for teams across the country.

February 26 — Montpelier
John Turner, Writer, Educator
History In The Face Of Nationalism: Can Patriotic Glory Coexist With Intellectual Integrity?
John Turner is a former college teacher and university administrator, former army officer, and author of two books. He will discuss patriotic sentiments and popular conceptions of past events and how they can affect political decision making.

March 5 — Montpelier
Warner Shedd, Writer, Naturalist
Owls Aren’t Wise and Bats Aren’t Blind

Warner Shedd, a naturalist since childhood, was the New England Regional executive for the National Wildlife Foundation for twenty years. He is the author of two books about wildlife. His talk will address common myths and misunderstandings about native wildlife species.

March 12 — Barre
Rick Winston, Community Historian, Film Scholar
The Red Scare Comes to Bethel, 1950

Rick will share his research on a 1950 incident in Bethel, Vermont that led Senator Joseph McCarthy to charge that “Reds Infest Vermont.” It’s a fascinating story involving many colorful characters, including Arctic explorer Vilhjalmur Stefansson and Far East expert Owen Lattimore.

March 19 — Barre
Mayor Thom Lauzon
The Future of Barre

Thomas Lauzon has been mayor of Barre since 2006. He has been a forceful advocate for the revitalization and development of the Barre community. Thom has been actively involved in the development of the new City Place and bringing jobs to the Granite City, and will share his vision of Barre’s future.

April 2 — Montpelier
Sandra Steingard, MD, Medical Director, Howard Center
What is Critical Psychiatry?

Sandy Steingard is a well-respected psychiatrist and Clinical Associate Professor of psychiatry at the UVM College of Medicine. Her talk will describe some fundamental criticisms of the practice of psychiatry, including the misuse of psychopharmaceuticals, from the perspective of a long time practitioner in Vermont’s Public Health system.

April 9 — Barre
Marselis Parsons and Kristin Carlson, Newscasters
Eyewitness To History: Politicians, The Press And Elections.
These two popular newscasters will present a review of politics and political campaigns and how they have changed over the last 40 years. They will include some interesting details on the stories behind the stories.

April 16 — Barre (SPA)
Sue Higby, Executive Director SPA
A Tour Of Barre’s Studio Place Arts
Sue Higby will guide us through the current exhibit at SPA and explain the role of SPA in the arts community of central Vermont.

April 23 — Barre
Paul Gillies, Historian, Writer & Attorney
How the Law Made Vermont
Vermont was created out of the shards of other governments by the Green Mountain Boys, but after independence, the state needed to prove it was respectable by establishing civic institutions including a court system. With little to go on, the early founders found a way to administer justice largely by their own invention. The first decisions of the early generations of lawmakers illuminate the process and personalities and provide insight into how Vermont found its way.

Paul Gillies is a Vermont historian and student of all things Vermont. He is particularly knowledgeable and interested in the history and philosophy of the state’s legal structures. His recent book Uncommon Law, Ancient Roads and Other Ruminations on Vermont Legal History delves into these areas.

TWO FILM PROGRAMS: Freedom & Unity: The Vermont Movie
We present two segments of this six-part documentary film, a collaboration of three dozen Vermont filmmakers led by Nora Jacobson. The film explores themes that recur throughout the state’s history from 1777 to the present.

April 30: Montpelier: Part II with filmmaker Louise Michaels
Under the Surface digs underneath Vermont’s bucolic image to explore labor wars, eugenics experiments, the McCarthy era, the rise of unions, the evolution of politics, the marketing of Vermont, and the impact of émigrés from urban areas seeking an alternative lifestyle.

May 7: Montpelier: Part IV with filmmaker Kenneth Peck
Doers and Shapers explores the people and institutions that have pushed boundaries, such as John Dewey and progressive education, the Billboard Law and Act 250, and cultural shifts including Vermont’s ground-breaking civil union law. Democracy at work—differing values, differing points of view.

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