Dentist performing a tooth filling on a patient

Your Path to Dental School

Dentists evaluate, diagnose, prevent, and treat diseases and disorders that contribute to patient’s oral and overall health. To become a dentist, completion of a graduate dental school program is required, plus clinical practice in an educational setting before passing licensing exams.

The Post-Bacc Pre-Dental program courses outlined below will help you meet the undergraduate sciences requirements for admission to dental school.

Sample Post-Bacc Pre-Dental Curriculum:

2 semesters General Chemistry with labs, 8 credits
2 semesters Organic Chemistry with labs, 8 credits
2 semesters Biology with labs, 8 credits
2 semesters Physics with labs, 10 credits
2 semesters English, 6 credits
1 semester Sculpture, 3 credits

Highly Recommended:

Cell Biology

A Note from Your Advisor:

Dentistry is a career that offers greater independence from insurance limitations and lends itself to independent practice. Manual dexterity and a flare for art fit nicely. Shadowing one or more dentists is highly recommended. Given the relationship between medicine and dentistry, the curriculum is similar, and some institutions that offer both programs combine medical and dental students in the first year. Pre-Dental students at UVM are eligible for the Committee Letter Process, just as Pre-Medical students are.

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