Mid adult male scientist reading scientific data in a laboratory.

Do you need advanced science courses to strengthen your credential for Health Professional School?

UVM Larner College of Medicine faculty are offering three online advanced sciences courses this fall in biochemistry, emergency medicine research, and physiology. The advanced online PBPM courses complement the existing Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Program (PBPM) and will provide students the opportunity for further medical science study at the graduate level.


SURG 200: Emergency Medicine Research I (4 credits with lab online) – 2 lectures per week focused on the foundations of clinical research with 4 hour lab. Introduction to research in Emergency Medicine with clinical exposure including shadowing EMTs, RNs, and MDs. Students will learn about research ethics, informed consent, and clinical epistemology.

MPBP 301: Physiology – An integrated examination of the physiology and pharmacology of the peripheral nervous, muscle and cardiovascular systems in the human body. Pre/co-requisites: CHEM 032 and CHEM 042 or equivalent, two semesters general physics, and two semesters calculus. May not be taken for credit with MPBP 306.

BIOC 201: Biochemistry – Provides a broad introduction to the field of biochemistry. Students will explore the molecular basis and chemical principles of biochemistry pertinent to living systems. This course is taught by LCOM faculty and emphasizes the relevance of biochemistry to health, disease, physiology and medicine. Pre-requisites: CHEM 026, CHEM 042, CHEM 048, CHEM 142, or equivalent; BIOL 002, BCOR 012, BCOR 103, or equivalent.