What are the career prospects for an Integrative Health Coach?

Health coaching has grown to a $6 billion market with 67% of American companies either have or planning to have coaching or preventative programs to help boost worker health. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects high employment growth from 2014 to 2024 for top employer demand in occupations for integrative health coaches. Individuals with a Health Coaching certificate will have the flexibility to work in private business, insurance, or government agencies.

What types of careers benefit from an Integrative Health & Wellness Coaching Certificate?

Nurses and allied health professions, such as social workers, physical therapists, dieticians, and occupational therapists are common career fields of our students. Current healthcare professionals enroll in health coaching programs to enhance their patient care skills or apply existing healthcare skills to a new career in health coaching. Also, entrepreneurs interested in health and wellness would benefit from the certificate.

Can I complete this program as an international student?

The University cannot issue immigration documents for entry to the US for purposes of enrolling as a non-degree student.

Do I have to take the courses in order?

Yes. HLTH 187, 188 and 189 are taken in the first semester. When these are completed, HLTH 287, 288 and 289 can be taken in the second semester.

What are the certificate requirements?

All 15 credits are required for completion of the UVM Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching Certificate.

Students who complete the required 8-credit sequence embedded within the Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching Certificate—and have 60 additional credits from UVM or another institution—will be eligible to sit for the NBHWC National Certification Exam.

Can I transfer courses in?

Dependent upon the Program Director’s approval, up to three credits may be transferred if the student completed a course similar in content.

What is the tuition for this course?

Tuition is charged per credit hour. Refer to the UVM Student Financial Services Continuing and Distance Education Tuition and Fees website for current rates.

Where do Health & Wellness Coaches work?

Integrative health and wellness coaches work with individuals and groups to promote healthy lifestyle changes. Integrative health and wellness coaches work in a variety of settings, including: healthcare clinics, fitness centers, employee wellness programs, community health teams, or in private practice.