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eCommerce Merchandising

Through Digital Marketing, customers have found your webstore. However, how do you now help them find exactly what they want? Do you present them with highlighted new and exciting additions to your assortment without scrolling through pages of products? In collaboration with the eCommerce Professionals Association, UVM is offering a 4-week, fully online eCommerce Merchandising course, where you will learn the science and techniques needed to quickly get your customers to the web store products they desire and increase their likelihood of converting to a sale.

Register: August 7 webinar at Noon EST

What You Will Learn:

  • Merchandising Foundations: Examine general concepts applicable to both in-store and online merchandising, as well as the different deliveries.
  • Merchandising Functional Requirements: Take a deeper dive into what is needed for a successful eCommerce website.
  • Promotional Strategies and Price Management: Learn how to effortlessly guide website visitors once they have landed on your site.
  • Site Merchandising Reporting (onsite and offsite): Master the use of Analytics and other Business Intelligence software to determine if your merchandising activities are working and learn how to use that data to make merchandising decisions.
  • Merchandising-Related Technology: Once a customer lands on your website, what is the process that happens before an item makes it into their hands? .
  • Glossary of Industry Terms: Foundational industry terms will be covered.

Who Should Enroll:

Intended as a foundational course in e-commerce merchandising, this course will include: language of merchandising, technologies used for web merchandising, and general merchandising concepts for in-store and online locations. The course is appropriate for digital marketers who want to enhance their knowledge to improve customer conversion once a potential customer reaches their website, as well as eCommerce professionals who are just starting out and need to quickly understand the industry, technology, and language of eCommerce merchandising.

What You Will Receive:

  • Instructor videos explaining weekly topics
  • Feedback on assignments
  • Access to course materials (videos, readings, workbooks)
  • Discussion boards for weekly assignments, as well as peer and instructor support
  • Certificate of Completion from UVM

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