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The Most In-Demand Digital Marketing Skills

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As remote jobs become more common, Nick Mattar wanted to know if the digital marketing skills marketers look for have changed, and which ones are the most in-demand. Mattar is a leader in the digital marketing space, the owner of Digital Detroit, and an instructor for UVM’s Digital Marketing Certificate Programs

Mattar conducted surveys and analyzed marketing job descriptions and experience requirements recently posted on LinkedIn. He noticed something striking. There was one qualification that was in nearly all marketing job descriptions and showed up in the experience requirements too.

It was the ability to analyze marketing data to tweak and optimize marketing campaigns. 

“Just about every position, close to 80 percent, is looking for some sort of analytics to be part of the job.”

Nick Mattar, Instructor UVM Digital Marketing Fundamentals
Nick Mattar UVM Digital Marketing Fundamentals Instructor

Mattar says this speaks to the need businesses have for more data-driven decision-making. Employers are not only looking for people who can implement marketing tactics but who can also look at the analytics to create future recommendations and improvements.

“That is really the difference and pivotal to success in the job market right now,” Mattar said. “It shows there is a great need for being well-versed in a variety of digital marketing techniques and strategies, yet if there is one thing you need to be able to do it’s analyze, test, retest, and make updates based on your data.”

Other Digital Marketing Skills in Demand

The full list of in-demand skills for 2022, according to digital marketing job data on LinkedIn, includes:

  1. Copywriting
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Marketing Automation and Technology
  5. Audience Building
  6. Project Management
  7. Data Analysis
  8. Conversion Rate Optimization

Mattar and Christopher Hill, a marketing account executive at PureRED and an instructor for UVM’s Digital Marketing Certificate programs, created a free informational webinar to talk about in-demand marketing skills and how UVM’s certificate programs can help marketers become more marketable themselves. 

“The programs we offer at UVM are a great way to start building your resume and get some background in analytics so you can speak well to that in an interview and turn around and put that into practice when you get the job,” Mattar said.  

Hill says that digital marketers don’t need to be an expert in every area of digital marketing but need to understand the connectivity between each channel. 

“I get a lot of questions from students asking what is the most important? Is it social? Is it SEO? The answer is knowing how each one of those channels impacts a business and brand is what is key right now,” Hill said. “There is a fundamental practice of being able to take one piece of creative and use it on a display channel, on a website, or turn it into an animation for TikTok or Instagram Reels.”

How to Position Yourself as a Digital Marketing Expert 

Hill says there are seven key areas that all digital marketers should be familiar with: SEO, display ads, paid ads, web and marketing analytics, email marketing, mobile marketing, and social media marketing. A digital marketing expert brings them all together into a cohesive marketing strategy that drives results. Each of these areas is covered in the Digital Marketing Fundamentals Professional Certificate from UVM which culminates in a capstone project that brings learnings to life.

“You can use the capstone project, which is a multi-channel campaign, for your own purpose. Whether you choose a brand that you currently work for, or whether you’re hoping to interview for a position, and you have some ideas you want to share with the hiring manager of that brand.”

Christopher Hill, Instructor UVM Digital Marketing Fundamentals
Christopher Hill
Christopher Hill UVM Digital Marketing Fundamentals Instructor

Expanded Digital Marketing Program Options at UVM

If you already have a base knowledge and you’re ready to take your existing marketing skills to the next level, UVM has two additional certificate levels that can be customized to your goals. Mattar says many students come to levels two and three as business owners looking to pivot their companies online, others have had some experience in marketing and want to advance their careers, and some are recent graduates. 

“The UVM digital marketing certificate carries a lot of weight, it’s going to give you tangible skills with capstones to give you a jump start in growing a business in the online world,” Mattar said.

UVM Digital Marketing Certificates: Level II

These certificates are designed for current marketers who are looking to develop their expertise in one of four areas: Digital Marketing Intermediate, Social Media, Analytics, or Facebook Marketing

UVM Digital Marketing Certificate: Level III

Level three is designed for anyone involved in planning a digital strategy or interested in leading marketing strategies in the future.

“It’s something for those that have experience and are looking to take that final step because they see themselves in a digital marketing leadership role in the future,” Mattar said.

Key Takeaways of New Digital Marketing Certificates

  • Data analytics is the most common marketing skill found in LinkedIn job descriptions.
  • The fastest-growing skills are copywriting and search engine optimization.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of how multiple marketing channels work together is critical to standing out in the field.
  • UVM’s Digital Marketing Certificate programs are available in three levels and customizable to your interests.

Watch the webinar to learn more