Cannabis Science and Medicine at UVM

General Overview of Offerings

Cannabis LogoClinicians need access to high-quality education on up-to-date research and clinical applications of Cannabis for therapeutic use. Researchers, professionals and students need education on Cannabis law, policy, plant biology, chemistry, and Cannabis’s biological effects on the human body.

At the forefront of academic health care, the University of Vermont College of Medicine programs below help address the increasing need for research-based, and relevant medical Cannabis education across the country.

  1. Cannabis Speaker Series – Online Webinars Available for Viewing
  2. Community Medical School – Examining the Science of Medical Cannabis - See Video Presentation in Archives
  3. Cannabis Science and Medicine Professional Certificate – Online: October 29 – December 14, 2018
  4. Cannabis Science and Medicine Continuing Medical Education (CME) – Online Modules – Available on demand


Monique McHenry, PhD

moniquemchenryMonique McHenry, PhD is a botanist with a background in plant diversity and evolution. She is Co-Founder of the Phytoscience Institute and the Executive Director of Vermont Patients Alliance Inc., a non-profit plant-based pharmaceutical research center, and active in legislation and lobbying. She is also the co-director of a Cannabis pharmacology course at the University of Vermont Medical School. Dr. McHenry completed her BA and MSc at the University of Colorado, and her PhD at the University of Vermont, where she specialized in the diversity and evolution of plants.


Kalev Freeman, MD, PhD

KalevFreemanKalev Freeman, MD, PhD is a physician-scientist with a background in molecular biology and specific research interest in inflammation and injury. He is Co-Founder of the Phytoscience Institute and the Medical Director of Vermont Patients Alliance Inc., a non-profit plant-based pharmaceutical research center that serves over 600 patients with debilitating medical conditions. He directs several ongoing research studies, and has been invited to speak at medical conferences and public events throughout the United States. Dr. Freeman completed his BA at the University of Michigan, and both his MD and PhD at the University of Colorado, where he specialized in molecular biology.

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