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This 4-week, fully online Business of Craft Beer short course will explore the various operating models of breweries that currently exist or have evolved into relevance. Topics will include the legal and monetary obligations of each at the startup phase, typical cash inflows and outflows, sample financial statement design for each model, and tax obligations.

Each week's lesson will be enhanced by a slate of guest speakers for your questions, including brewery-focused attorneys, bankers, and brewery owners and operators. The main objective of this class is to present all the operating options for your startup brewery to allow you to choose the model that will fit your concept and needs best.

This 4-week, fully online UVM Beer School course will introduce strategies for raising capital to start a brewery.

Topics will include advanced structure of financing via debt versus equity, the legal and tax requirements of each method, a cost benefit analysis of each, sample term sheets for various structures, and reporting requirements.

Each week’s lessons will feature guest speakers, including attorneys, bankers, brewery owners, and investors. The main objective of this class is to present, in detail, a number of the financing options for your startup brewery to allow you to choose the model that will fit your concept and needs best.

What you will learn

By the end of the course, participants will:

  • Understand different types of debt instruments
  • Understand different types of equity instruments
  • Compare and contrast financing options
  • Discuss the effect of corporate structure on financing choices
  • Know how to calculate for your business metrics that are commonly used by financiers to assess potential investments

Who should attend this Program

  • Beverage manufacturers in planning, or those who are planning a significant expansion of an existing organization
  • Founders, Accounting managers, Controllers or CFOs within the alcohol beverage space
  • Because the course covers advanced topics, a basic understanding of accounting and/or finance is helpful
  • Basic understanding of legal terms and corporate structures is also helpful

Date: TBA

Price: $950

Duration: 4 Weeks

Learning Format: Online

Weekly Time Commitment: 5 hours

With the growth of taprooms as a highly profitable business for many breweries, how can you maximize revenue opportunities and engagement with your customers?

In this course, you will learn strategies and tactics to increase brewery taproom sales and profitability. By creating financial scorecards, you will be able to employ key taproom metrics to benchmark and improve financial performance. You will learn how to create a chart of accounts to further measure and improve your bottom line, and what features to look for when choosing a Point of Sale System. You will also learn best practices and how to utilize templates to help you project your taproom sales, margins, and operating costs.

Whether you are planning to open a taproom or have one currently operating, this course provides essential details to achieve financial success.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Implement specific strategies and tactics to grow taproom revenue
  • Describe the key components, features and benefits of taproom Point of Sale Systems
  • Create financial scorecards to measure results and benchmark against key metrics
  • Build a taproom financial chart of accounts, summary income statement, and balance sheet
  • Utilize templates to project taproom sales, margins, and operating costs

Who should attend this program:

  • Brewery owners who are considering whether to add a taproom component to their business
  • Taproom managers who are looking for new ways to increase sales and profitability
  • Brewery financial managers who need better tracking and monitoring of taproom financial results

Coming Soon!

Brew Pub/Taproom & Restaurant Planning: TBD

Creating Brewery Events & Community Connections: TBD

Social Media: Handling Difficult Situations & and How to Avoid a Social Media Blow-up: TBD