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Vermont is recognized as having some of the top breweries in the country. We leverage this knowledge to demonstrate to others how to build a standout brewery business. Enroll and gain the essential skills to grow your career in the craft beverage industry.

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Rolling admissions


Course: $1,495

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Course: 8 weeks

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6-8 hrs./wk.


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20% UVM Affiliates, Students who have already taken 2 courses, Brewers Association & HomeBrewers Members, Pink Boots Society Members, and anyone in the Craft Beer Industry


7 per course




After the completion of spring courses in 2024, the current Business of Craft Beer courses will no longer be available. If you’ve been considering this program, now is your chance to enroll.

As one of the first brewery business training programs launched eight years ago, we have been witness to numerous craft brewers ascending in their careers, the birth of new breweries, and the phenomenal growth of businesses, all attributable to the power of enlightened learning.

We’re in the process of crafting new, groundbreaking programs and are looking forward to celebrating the future successes of our students.

Learn from Industry Leaders & Build your Craft Beverage Business

Starting and managing a brewery today requires deep knowledge of brewery finance, marketing and branding, brewery operations, distribution, digital marketing, and beer sales. The craft beer industry has weathered a difficult period. Yet, it remains vibrant with strong local community support. 

For those launching a new brewery, a professional business plan is essential to gain financing from lenders. You will leave our program with a strong foundation for a plan. For those already managing a brewery, you will gain important insights to increase sales and grow your revenue.

Gain craft beer expertise and credibility from UVM

Learn Online

Flexible online courses allow you to balance career, family, and other obligations.

Industry Experts

All instructors and guest speakers are industry professionals who offer valuable craft beer insights.

Real-World Knowledge & Business Planning

Courses include real-life industry scenarios and discussions. With three beer courses, you can then create your own actionable business plan in just 3 weeks.

Choose Your Courses

Whether your goal is to work for a brewery or distributor (craft beer sales, marketing, or operations), or start your own brewery, you can select the courses to best fit your goals.

Expand Your Network

The courses are a great way to network with other entrepreneurial-minded professionals who are passionate about the craft beer industry.

Benefit from UVM’s Credibility

Vermont is a hub for craft beer, and UVM is a longstanding leader in cultivating craft beer experts with a reputation for success.

Business of Craft Beer alumni Kate Conway of Pickett Brewing Company

Get ready for growth

  • 100% rated the craft beer courses they took ‘excellent’ in exit surveys.*
  • 70% found new jobs, started a brewery, or are actively launching a brewery**

*2022 student survey for Marketing and Branding Your Brewery and Business Operations in Craft Beer courses (12 responses).
**2021 survey alumni. Some students reported N/A as they already worked in the industry prior to enrollment (11 responses).

Let’s take your passion to the next level

If you’re passionate about craft beer and are ready to engage in learning the business side, you’re in the right place. 

This program is for you if you want to: 

  • Turn your passion into your own brewery or brewpub.
  • Scale up your existing craft beer business.
  • Switch careers to work at an existing brewery, distributor, or supply chain partner.
  • Find a way for more people to enjoy the beer you’ve worked so hard to perfect.

This program also provides the business essentials for those interested in craft wine and cider. No prior experience or background in the craft beverage industry is required.

“I’ve really enjoyed the course a lot and have been able to translate a lot of what I learned into my new job as a Sales Representative for Mayflower Brewing Company! Loving the journey so far and I am so happy to be in the business!”

Matthew K., Business of Craft Beer Program Graduate, Mayflower Brewing Company, Sales Representative, MA


Choose your courses and when to take them

Whether your goal is to work for a brewery or distributor (craft beer sales, marketing, or operations), or start your own brewery, you can select the courses to best fit your goals.

Courses are offered 100 percent online.

Curriculum recommendations based on common goals

Here is a sample of popular course selections based on common goals. Choose one of these paths or create your own schedule. Some students go on to take all five courses!

Building a business plan for a brewery

In any order –

  1. Marketing & Branding Your Brewery
  2. Brewery Finance and Accounting
  3. Distribution and Sales in Craft Beer or Business Operations in Craft Beer

Additional 4-week Course Consideration:

Managing Brewery Finances: Creating and Running an Accounting System

Pursuing employment in marketing or beer sales

In any order –

  1. Distribution and Sales in Craft Beer
  2. Marketing & Branding Your Brewery
  3. Brewery Marketing and Promotion in the Digital Age

Pursuing employment in Brewery Operations

In any order –

  1. Business Operations in Craft Beer
  2. Brewery Finance and Accounting
  3. Marketing & Branding Your Brewery

Course schedule

CourseSpring 2024 SessionSummer 2024 Session
Brewery Finance and Accounting3/20/24 – 5/14/24
Business Operations in Craft Beer1/17/24 – 3/14/24
Brewery Marketing and Promotion in the Digital Age
Distribution and Sales in Craft Beer
Marketing and Branding Your Brewery2/21/24 – 4/16/24
Capstone Project5/8/24 – 6/4/24 (Invitation Only)

Course descriptions and registration

All courses offer weekly one-hour live sessions. Attendance is optional, and the sessions are recorded. Session days and times vary from semester to semester.

Offered: Fall and Spring

Spring Dates: January 17 – March 14, 2024
Course Tuition: $1495 ($1196 for Certificate Alumni, Pink Boots Society, Home Brewers or Brewers Association Members Discount)
Course Duration: 8 weeks
Learning Format: Online

Instructors: Steve Rockhold, Phil Leinhart, Oralee Corbett, Mike Gerhart, Mark Benzaquen and Rod Waite

Download a sample Business Operations in Craft Beer Syllabus

In the Business Operations Track, you’ll learn about how the many components of craft brewery operations and supply chain must fit together to build a profitable, efficient, and sustainable business. Students will address key topics such as sourcing and procurement, quality systems, new brewery start-up and capacity planning, forecasting, production planning, inventory, logistics, and environmental sustainability.

UVM has partnered with Ekos Brewmaster, the industry leading software solution for managing the business side of your brewery.  We integrate the Ekos software into each of our learning modules, so that you will benefit from using the software in real world case studies.  Whether you are looking to be hired by a brewery or start your own brewery, knowledge of how to use Ekos, combined with the practical understanding of brewery operations, will help you to run a more efficient and effective business so that you can be more successful.

Participants will examine

  • Making Craft Beer
  • Sourcing, Procurement and Receiving Materials
  • Forecasting and Inventory Management
  • Quality, Maintenance, Utilities and Safety
  • Environmental Sustainability and Enabling Systems
  • Overview of Craft Brewery Planning Processes:
    • Long-term Planning I – Location and Design
    • Long-term Planning II – Capacity
    • Mid-term Planning – Demand Planning
    • Short-term – Operations Planning and Scheduling
  • Operations and Supply Chain Risk Management – Assessment, Mitigation and Contingency Planning
  • Human Resources and Staffing considerations


Week 1:  Brewery Operations and Supply Chain Fundamentals
Week 2:  The Brewing Process and Required Resources/Ekos Brewmaster: Setting Up Your Brewery
Week 3:  Long Term Planning – Building a Craft Brewery, Considerations, Location, Sizing, and Capacity
Week 4: Sourcing, Procurement and Receiving Materials
Week 5: Demand Management -Forecasting, Inventory: Receiving and Shipping
Week 6: Mid and Short Term Planning and Scheduling
Week 7: Quality
Week 8: Maintenance, Utilities, Environmental Sustainability

Offered: Summer

Summer Dates: August 9 – October 3, 2023
Course Tuition: $1495 ($1196 for Certificate Alumni and/or Brewers Association Members Discount)
Course Duration: 8 weeks
Learning Format: Online

Instructors: Julie Rhodes and Emily Hutto

Download a sample Brewery Marketing and Promotion in the Digital Age Syllabus

Both the marketing landscape and the culture of craft beer have evolved significantly over the past decade. An informed brewery marketing department will take an omnichannel approach (both digital and physical) to building brand awareness and fostering long-term relationships with today’s craft beer consumers. Digital channels lead the way for breweries to connect and engage with their audiences due to ease of access and cost efficiencies. They allow breweries to build larger, more targeted, and highly-engaged fan bases for less money. Combining digital tactics with traditional marketing methods, like print advertising or event sponsorships, is the most effective way to build brand awareness for your craft beer.

The biggest challenge that today’s breweries face is that digital marketing is fast-paced and often confusing. This online course focuses on introducing the craft beer professional to a breadth of core and emerging marketing channels and disciplines. Students will learn the holistic value of creating a clear digital marketing plan, how to determine the ROI (return on investment) of various digital marketing strategies and channels, the tools to support their efforts, and the skills to evaluate and refine results. Understanding the interconnected value of various marketing channels will set you apart from other beer professionals and set up a solid foundation for your marketing plans for years to come.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Create their own strategic marketing plan and identify goals for a digital marketing program based on an awareness of key trends within the craft beer and digital marketing landscape
  • Understand how to brand their business and what should be included in a brand folder
  • Identify their phase of the product life cycle to determine overall marketing objectives, plus understand consumer purchasing behavior
  • Assess a website’s ability to rank well in terms of SEO and create a website optimization plan
  • Create effective social media and PPC ads, and identify the best places to “place” craft beer ads with effective audience targeting techniques
  • Develop an email marketing campaign, and know how utilize segmentation and sequences
  • Maximize the impact of each social media channel, learn how to create a content calendar, and identify ways to improve their sales conversion copywriting skills
  • Identify different types of content and various digital channels for distribution, and evaluate why each one may, or may not, work for their brewery
  • Develop strategies for online consumer engagement, dealing with negative consumer feedback, and practice using these instances as opportunities for improvement
  • Know how to create and track a marketing budget based on marketing objectives
  • Increase awareness of legalities around advertising and marketing beers and breweries
  • Use analytics to improve their digital marketing strategies, efficiencies and content


Week 1: (re)Branding

Week 2: Understanding Marketing Processes and Objectives

Week 3: Discovering Your Target Audience

Week 4: Identifying Marketing Strategies & Channels

Week 5: Content Planning & Scheduling

Week 6: Email Marketing

Week 7: SEO and Web Presence

Week 8: Marketing Analytics

Offered: Summer

Dates: TBA

Course Tuition: $1495 ($1196 for Certificate Alumni and/or Brewers Association Members Discount)
Course Duration: 8 weeks
Learning Format: Online

Instructors: Kary Shumway and Jon Reynolds

Download a sample Distribution and Sales in Craft Beer Syllabus

This course focuses on the various strategies and tactics required to sell beer and promote a brewery’s brand. With the growth of taprooms as a focus for many breweries, we will also examine how to maximize revenue opportunities and engagement with customers. Whether you are planning a brewery or a career in beer sales, this course provides essential details to gain success in today’s crowded retail market.


  • Exploring the full sales landscape including how the three-tier system impacts the sale of beer, understanding the buyer/seller landscape, modeling the sales forecast, and increasing its accuracy
  • Understanding the margin structure for beer pricing
  • Examining a range of sales techniques to handle retailer objections, gain the retailer buy-in, and close the sale.
  • Building a successful relationship with your distributor and how this relationship informs the sales process
  • Maximizing taproom sales
  • The sales process for breweries who elect to self-distribute
  • How VIP and Ekos Brewmaster can assist in the sales process


Week 1: Industry Trends and the Three-Tier System
Week 2: Beer Pricing and Packaging Trends
Week 3: Distribution Part 1: Partnering with a Distributor
Week 4: Distribution Part 2: Self-Distribution
Week 5: The Buyer/Seller Landscape in Beer Sales
Week 6: Sales Techniques and Gaining Distributor Buy-in
Week 7: Maximizing Sales, Forecasting, and Evaluation Tools
Week 8: Category Management

Offered: Fall and Spring

Spring Dates: February 21 – April 16, 2024
Spring Registration Deadline: Feb 14, 2024
Course Tuition: $1495 ($1196 for Certificate Alumni,  Pink Boots Society, Home Brewers or Brewers Association Members Discount)
Course Duration: 8 weeks
Learning Format: Online

Instructors: Mike Kallenberger and Bob Russell

Download a sample Marketing and Branding Your Brewery Syllabus

As competition within the beer industry continues to grow, branding and marketing play an even greater role in ensuring a brewery’s success. While it is important to make great beer, in today’s landscape you also need to know how to build your brand, establish a compelling “WHY” and effectively market your brand and products. This course will address key industry trends, identify “best-practices” in differentiating your brewery, reveal how to build a solid branding and marketing plan, and demonstrate how to measure success and plan for the future.

Participants will examine

  • Key opportunities and challenges in today’s beer/beverage marketplace
  • The craft beer drinker and his/her motivations
  • The role that marketing, branding and sales play and how they are interconnected
  • Basic requirements of a successful business/marketing plan
  • Positioning strategy in detail and how it influences all brewery decisions
  • Choices a new brewery faces in terms of packaging, distribution and pricing
  • How the principles of positioning and branding have been successfully applied to specific objectives (i.e. naming, rebranding, portfolio selection, taproom/brewery design)
  • How a brewery successfully promotes its brand and products
  • How events, sponsorships and promotions help to build valuable connections to the consumer audience
  • How to decide between self-distribution and a wholesaler partnership and the key criteria within each
  • How to evaluate the performance of marketing and branding activities
  • How to incorporate key findings into a marketing plan


Week 1: Trends in The U.S. Beer Market
Week 2: Trends in The Craft Category
Week 3: Basics of Marketing and Branding
Week 4: Brand Positioning Strategy
Week 5: Branding Examples (Part One)
Week 6: Branding Examples (Part Two)
Week 7: Marketing Execution
Week 8: Measurement and Research

Offered: Fall and Spring

Spring Dates: March 20 – May 14, 2024
Spring Registration Deadline: March 13, 2024
Course Tuition: $1495 ($1196 for Certificate Alumni,  Pink Boots Society, Home Brewers or Brewers Association Members Discount)
Course Duration: 8 weeks
Learning Format: Online

Instructors: Audra Gaiziunas

Download a sample Brewery Finance and Accounting Syllabus

The Brewery Finance and Accounting course will provide participants with a strong financial foundation and understanding of craft beverage accounting concepts for those seeking management positions at their current brewing operation, or for those seeking to open their own brewery or cidery in the future. This class will introduce the necessary tools to create business plans and pro forma financial statements for those seeking to launch their own operation. It will progress into cost accounting concepts as they apply throughout the production process and conclude with a thorough overview of brewery financial accounting statements and reporting, including the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flows. Participants will walk away with the necessary financial knowledge and templates to improve existing operations, or to create a business plan for a new craft beverage entity.

Program Highlights

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify common financial issues and outline possible alternative courses of action.
  • Understand the components and basic structure of the pro forma financial statements.
  • Create a range of financial documents including: sources and uses statement, balance sheets, income statements, and statements of cash flow.
  • Utilize breakeven range/analysis and basic financial ratios.
  • Identify which combination of sources of financing best fit the brewery’s particular needs.
  • Examine cost accounting and assess direct vs. indirect costs, fixed vs. variable costs, and overhead.
  • Calculate the cost by batch of beer, track variances, and improve the gross margin.
  • Establish divisional accounting for accountability.
  • Improve existing brewery operations, or create a business plan for a new craft beverage entity.


Week 1: Top financial Mistakes/ The Importance of Finance in Craft Beer
Week 2: Business Plan
Week 3: Accounting Basics for Craft Breweries
Week 4: Financial Accounting I
Week 5: Financial Accounting II
Week 6: Cost Accounting Models I
Week 7: Cost Accounting Models II
Week 8: Financial Analysis

Optional and free add-on:

We also offer a FREE add-on to help you succeed in the industry.

Create a Business or Product Launch Plan with a Capstone Project

After you complete 3 courses, you can create either a business plan or a product launch plan. You’ll leave this three-week mini-course with a tool you can use to grow your career. Our instructor team will provide critique and feedback to make your plan the best it can be.

Student Stories

See how our graduates have grown their careers, from becoming business owners to getting promoted.

On Launching a Brewery

On Growing an Existing Business

On Interviewing for Jobs


Marketing and Branding Your Brewery

Brewery Finance and Accounting

Brewery Marketing and Promotion in the Digital Age

Distribution and Sales

Business Operations


Instructor Mike Gerhart on Why Business Courses in Beer Matter

Learn From Leading Industry Guest Speakers

Courses often include guest speakers from the industry who share their tips for success including Rich Ackerman, Director of HR, Harpoon Brewing (MA), Jamie Smith, Brand Marketing Director, Firestone-Walker (CA), Lester Jones, Chief Economist, National Beer Wholesalers Association (VA), Steve Gagner, Founder/President, 14th Star Brewery (VT), and many more.

Career Outlook

Based on national employment data, leading job opportunities in the craft beer industry are found in sales, marketing, and operations. UVM’s program is developed around the industry’s needs and to provide the best career opportunities for our graduates.

Ready, set, job

The following are potential career tracks within craft beer:


  • Sales Representative
  • Merchandise and Apparel Manager
  • Brewery Field Representative
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • Sales & Distribution Manager
  • Division Sales Manager
  • National Sales Manager
  • Director of Sales
  • VP of Sales


  • Director of Marketing
  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Brand Manager
  • Digital Marketing Coordinator/Director
  • Marketing Manager/Director
  • Craft Brand Manager

Business Operations

  • Logistics Manager
  • Plant Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Logistics Coordinator
  • Inventory Control Manager
  • Chief Operations Officer



We’ve compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions for the Business of Craft Beer program. If you have additional questions about the program, be sure to reach out to our admissions team at 802-656-2085 or submit the inquiry form available on this site.

Participants come from various backgrounds and with different goals for taking The Business of Craft Beer program. To provide optimum flexibility, participants may select any course to begin their studies. There is no required sequence. For those taking a third course or more, a 20% alumni discount is available.

The Capstone Project is a huge benefit to anyone registered in the program.  You can register for the Capstone if you have completed 3 courses or you have completed 2 courses and you’re in your third course.  You really need the knowledge from the three courses to work on your Capstone Project.

Business of Craft Beer program students can complete a culminating 3-week capstone project after the completion of three courses.  Note: You may be in your last course and start the Capstone Project.  This will give you an opportunity to apply your learning to creating a business plan or a product launch plan that will prove useful as you embark on your new career. You will have the opportunity to present your project to our instructor team including craft beer industry leaders for critique and feedback. Select one of two capstone projects: Create a business plan or create a product launch plan.

Capstone projects are reviewed two times per year or every six months. In most cases, there is only a short period between the completion of all courses and your Capstone Review.

There is no additional charge for your Capstone Project review. Enrolling and completing the Capstone is not mandatory.

No, you do not need to be 21 years of age or older in order to take any of the courses.

We recommend that you take a minimum of 3 courses and complete the Capstone project.  This will prepare you to launch your own brewery, and also allow you to select a track that aligns to your specific needs. Read more about the courses available in the program.

That’s great! We have many students who have enrolled in our program who want to turn their passion for craft beer into a career. We recommend that you take a minimum of 3 courses. This will provide you with a comprehensive program that will prepare you to succeed in launching your new brewery. Read more about the courses available in the program.

We’re glad to hear that you are already in Craft Beer! We find that our courses can complement your experience by providing additional knowledge and skills for you to take your career to the next level. Our program has five-course offerings that you can pick and choose from to best fit your needs. Our advisers are also here to help if you have any questions about which course is best for you. Please call us at 802-656-2085 or submit the inquiry form available on this site. You can also email

Yes, students have access to Ekos Brewmaster in the Business Operations in Craft Beer course.

Typically, our courses start mid-week (Wednesday). This allows you to complete your readings on Thursday and Friday, and then gives you time on the weekend to engage in discussions and complete your written assignments. Monday and Tuesday will be a great time for you to continue to refine and edit your assignments before submitting them, and continue participating in the online discussions. We expect that students will spend approximately 8-10 hours per week on assignments, readings, and discussions for each course.

These sessions can shuffle, so please check the syllabus for the live session day.  It will also be posted by your course facilitator in the Brightspace announcements.

  • BCB101 Marketing and Branding Your Brewery: Mondays or Tuesdays at 7:30pm ET
  • BCB102 Business Operations in Craft Beer: Tuesdays at 7:30pm ET
  • BCB105 Brewery Finance and Accounting: Mondays or Tuesdays at 7:30pm ET
  • BCB103 Distribution and Sales: Mondays or Tuesdays at 7:30pm ET
  • BCB104 Brewery Marketing and Promotion in the Digital Age: Mondays or Tuesdays at 7:30pm ET

There is no specific coursework required for this program. Primarily, we want you to be enthusiastic about the craft beer industry, and engaged and interested in learning the business side of craft beer.

Courses start three times per year: Fall, Spring and Summer. Not all courses are offered each enrollment period. For frequency and specific dates of courses see below:

  • Marketing and Branding Your Brewery: 2 times per year
  • Brewery Marketing and Promotion in the Digital Age: 1 time per year (Summer)
  • Distribution and Sales in Craft Beer: 1 time per year (Summer)
  • Business Operations in Craft Beer: 2 times per year
  • Brewery Finance and Accounting: 2 times per year

Most students spend about 8-10 hours per week on the coursework. All courses are eight weeks long.

We understand how busy you are and also how hectic life can be. Our courses are 100% online and asynchronous. You’ll have flexibility in your access to course material at any time or day. We do offer optional weekly live sessions at 7:30pm EST on Mondays or Tuesdays, depending on the course, which provides a unique opportunity to interact with our expert instructors in real time. Attendance at live sessions is not required and we record these sessions for you to watch if you can’t make it.

Yes, for each quarterly enrollment period you may register for two courses. Depending on which courses are selected, start dates have been staggered so you will be half-way through one course before starting the second one. This will help address workload concerns in most cases. That said, you will need to be able to devote 16+ hours per week for a 4-week period when courses overlap. If you would like to discuss this with our staff before committing to a second course, please contact us at 802-656-2085 or submit the inquiry form available on this site.

The Capstone Project is an additional three weeks.

Based on national employment data, leading job opportunities in the craft beer industry are found in sales, marketing, and operations. Our program was developed around the industry’s needs and for providing the best career opportunities for our graduates.

Sales and Social Media:
Opportunities in sales are prevalent at breweries, beer distributors, and craft beer brands in retail and wholesale accounts. Positions include:

  • Sales Representative
  • Merchandise and Apparel Manager
  • Brewery Field Representative
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • Sales & Distribution Manager
  • Division Sales Manager
  • National Sales Manager
  • Director of Sales
  • VP of Sales
  • Director of Sales and Marketing

Digital Marketing:
Many opportunities focus on use of digital marketing and social media to promote craft breweries. Positions include:

  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Brand Manager
  • Digital Marketing Coordinator/Director
  • Marketing Manager/Director

Business Operations:
As the size and complexity of craft breweries expand, coordination of operations is becoming more important. Positions include:

  • Logistics Manager
  • Plant Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Logistics Coordinator
  • Chief Operations Officer
  • Inventory Control Manager

Yes! We love it when we have students from other countries enrolling in our courses. Our courses are 100% online and asynchronous. Please note that the optional weekly evening live sessions led by guest speakers from across the craft beer industry, may be difficult to manage from a time zone significantly different from Eastern Standard Time. While participation in these sessions is not required, it does offer unique access to industry leaders in highly interactive Q&A sessions. All sessions are recorded and will be made available to students.

You will be assessed on your participation in the discussion boards, completion of assignments, and comprehension of the course material.  All students who earn a 70% or greater in each course will receive a passing grade.

This is a non-credit program. At the conclusion of the program students do not receive a letter grade but instead receive a digital badge of completion. Students also have the option of creating a Capstone Project following the completion of three courses.

Because this is a non-credit program, there is no transcript.

If you are a non-credit student seeking accessibility support, please email and the UVM Student Accessibility Services team will be able to assist. In your email, please include that you do not have a 95 number/NetID.

  • Have questions about taking an online or distance education course? Visit the Online Education FAQ page
  • Have more basic questions about Professional and Continuing Education? Visit our About Us and FAQs pages.

Students in this program may choose to pay out of pocket, or use personal loans to pay for the program. Additionally, our program is certified for VA benefits and can be eligible for State Department of Labor workforce development grants to help you pay for courses. Contact your State Department of Labor to determine which grants may support individuals seeking education to pursue opportunities for career change. Learn about options for discounts, grants, loans, scholarships, and more on our tuition and financial aid page.

Yes, there is a 20% discount for UVM Affiliates, Brewers Association and HomeBrewers Association Members, Pink Boots Society and anyone in the Craft Beer industry. If you are working in the craft beer industry just choose either Brewers Association or HomeBrewers when you register to receive the discount.

This is a non-credit program therefore tuition remission is unavailable for UVM employees. UVM employees may select the UVM Affiliates 20% discount option available during registration.

Students may register by paying the full $1,495 program fee online via credit card for each course or by calling us at 802-656-8407 to make a partial payment of $500. Should you make a partial payment, the remaining $995 must be paid in full no later than two weeks prior to the start of this offering. If payment is not received by then, you will automatically be dropped from the course the next business day.

If you need to cancel your attendance, you must notify us via email at or call us at (802) 656-2085 at least three business days prior to the start date of the course to receive a full refund, less a $25 cancellation fee. If a medical condition necessitates cancellation/withdrawal (documentation provided), this will be reviewed by our Studies Committee for any type of refund.

The Business of Craft Beer program has been approved for 7 CEUs per course. You must successfully complete the course in order to receive the CEUs.

1098-T forms are not issued for this program. However, you may be eligible for a tax credit without this form if you meet IRS requirements. For more information, please see this link or consult with a tax professional.