What is my student status at UVM?

As a high school student, you are enrolled at the University of Vermont through Continuing Education. Your designated status is as a non-degree CE student with rights and privileges to UVM resources. Benefits include access to: Library, Parking, CATcard, Campus & Community Transportation, UVM Athletic events and more.

What is a 95 number (also known as your Student ID#)?

A 95 number is your UVM Student ID number. This is how you are identified in the UVM Banner System. You can find your 95 number in your myUVM portal page.

How do I activate my UVM e-mail/student account?

Go to www.uvm.edu/account and select “Activate Your UVM NetID Account”.   You will be asked to enter your 95# and your date of birth.  After the system recognizes you with a welcome message, you will be asked to set up a password.

What do I use my NetID for?

Your NetID, which typically is 8 letters using your first initial and part of your last name (though this may vary – some have two numbers before the initial), is used to log into the web-based student system located at the “myUVM” portal, to do many things such as register for a course, check your bill, or request a transcript.

The first time you enter myUVM, you will be asked to create a security question. If in the future you forget your password, click on ‘Password help” and choose the right option for re-setting your password.

What do I use my Student ID for?

Your Student ID is your 95# which is always a 9 digit number. You’ll need this number to get your CATcard and activate your UVM email the very first time.  In the future, you will need to use it when you ask a professor for electronic permission to register for a class.

How do I activate my UVM email?

Your UVM e-mail is activated when you activate your NetID.  You will have two e-mail addresses, one of which is an alias, like jsmith@uvm.edu and joseph.smith@uvm.edu.  They are the same account.

Why is my UVM email important?

UVM e-mail is UVM’s official method of contact with students and staff.  It is very important that you regularly check your UVM email or forward it to another e-mail account that you check regularly. Once you have activated your UVM email, you can read your email via the web at webmail.uvm.edu or you can access it in your myUVM account.  Important messages from UVM, such as class cancellation notices, billing, announcements of special events, and financial aid communications will only be sent via your UVM email address. UVM professors also use email to notify you of any pre-class assignments or requirements. Billing notifications will ONLY be sent to your UVM email.   It is extremely important to activate your UVM email and check it regularly.

Am I able to reside on campus if I am signed up for a course?

Housing is not available to pre-college students at this time.

What is myUVM?

As a student, you have access to the web-based student information system (SIS). You can access this system by going to myUVM at:  https://myuvm.uvm.edu.

This myUVM portal link is available in the top right of every page on the UVM website. You can access myUVM using your netID and password, which you also use to access your UVM e-mail.