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For 2nd Year in a Row, UVM Secures Top Spot as Best Online Digital Marketing Program

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UVM’s Digital Marketing Fundamentals program continues to be the highest ranking online digital marketing certificate program by The website ranks the 20 best online digital marketing certificate programs and was established to provide research and insight into current marketing education.

UVM secured the number one spot two years in a row, followed by Duke University and DePaul University. The 2017-18 list was based on tuition and core course content, including content marketing, email strategies, pay-per-click platforms, SEO and SEM, mobile marketing, social media, and data analytics.

What Makes UVM the Best Online Digital Marketing Program

The 12-week UVM Digital Marketing Fundamentals Certificate program requires about 8-10 hours of course study per week. Taught by seasoned professionals, the program is designed to accommodate professionals looking to jump start their careers in digital marketing, whether they are starting from scratch or making a change mid-career.

“To be a successful digital marketing professional in today’s changing landscape requires more than a blog, Facebook page, banner ad or email address. Success is based on understanding how to connect with a customer’s needs and wants,” says Erik Harbison, CMO at AWeber Communications and lead instructor for the UVM program. “This course is designed to educate students on the core and emerging channels of digital marketing. Students will gain a new understanding for the ‘how’ behind these channels and why these channels are critical for solving the marketing challenges of brands today.”

“I decided to enroll in the UVM Digital Marketing Fundamentals Program to learn new ways to grow the Trimaco business with one of our key customers, The Home Depot,” said Digital Marketing student Bill Dunwoodie. “The diversity of background and experience of all my instructors provided far more insights than I anticipated. I can now plan with a fresh confidence and deeper insights our digital / online business with Home Depot. I highly recommend the class. ”

UVM was given the top spot on the ranking because it’s one of the most affordable and fast-paced programs on the list, offering a tuition rate of $1,695.

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