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Vermont: Rural Food Systems – From Milk to Maple

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FS 395 - 3 credits
Teresa Mares
Program fee is estimated at $668, tuition, housing & travel costs to Vermont additional. For information on the 30% discount on tuition this Summer, please visit Student Financial Services.
This course meets the travel immersion required of students in the Masters in Food Systems Program and will entail graduate level work. Graduate students and advanced undergraduates in relevant disciplines encouraged to inquire and apply.

IMG_0321In this course, students will be introduced to the complex interdependence of all aspects of the contemporary food system, with a focus on Vermont, a small rural agricultural state. The course adopts a systems analysis for understanding the history, present and future of Vermont’s working landscape. The course will combine a broad exploration of important foods to the region from the past (maple syrup) and the present (diversified vegetables) with a more intensive case study of dairy farming and dairy products. Our case study of dairy will include visiting a farmstead cheese maker, touring a large milk processing plant, visiting dairy farm and attending a cheese tasting. Our broader exploration will include visiting a sugar shack, exploring value added maple products, visiting farms that rely on Community supported Agriculture, a food venture center and more. This intensive trip (travel dates TBD 2014) to Vermont will include seminars with University of Vermont faculty, daily student led discussions, interactions with producers and field trips. Course meets online, dates TBD.