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Oaxaca Semester Abroad

Globalism and Social Justice in Oaxaca, Mexico: Re-examining Health, Environment and Culture – Spring Semester 2017

Benefits of Oaxaca Semester Abroad In today’s globalized world, the unique skills and experiences offered by participating in a semester study abroad program are invaluable. Employers and graduate schools increasingly are looking for graduates with cross-cultural and field-research experience. Plus, the personal growth and learning that occurs while studying in another country and culture are immeasurable. Oaxaca, Mexico is a bio-diverse and culturally rich environment for learning. Read more by Dean Cynthia Belliveau, faculty member for the Food Systems track, in her blog post, “Oaxaca Study Abroad Program Demystifies the Stereotypes of Mexico.” The Oaxaca Semester Abroad program offers Spanish Language Immersion and two academic tracks for students in either CAS or CALS.

Examples of Student Independent Student Research Projects in Oaxaca:

  • Gender and Cultural Self-Empowerment
  • A Suburban Solution: The Effects of Neoliberal Economics on the Social and Aesthetic Character of Oaxaca City
  • Exportation of Mexican Cactus: Questioning Scale
  • Perspectives on the Oaxacan Education System and its Role in Career and Employment
  • Women, Community and Migration
  • Zapatista Influence & Rebel Youth in Urban Oaxaca
  • and many more…

Example Field Excursions during the Oaxaca Semester Abroad Program:

  • Capulalpam
  • Arrazola
  • San Bartolo Coyotepec
  • Teotitlan del Valle
  • Juchitan
  • The Chinantla

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