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for Sustainable

Food Systems

The Necessary [r]Evolution for Sustainable Food Systems

True leadership is about the capacity of people and communities to shape the futures they desire. This innovative online and on-campus cross-disciplinary program addresses the social, environmental, economic, and diet and health (SEED) impacts of our food system. Our Breakthrough Leaders for Sustainable Food Systems Professional Certificate builds on UVM’s distinction in this field.

With the Breakthrough Leaders for Sustainable Food Systems Professional Certificate, you will:

  • Participate in a combined online and on-campus program to expand your capacity to recognize and create positive, forward-looking solutions for our broken food system. The program’s online component is followed by a residential learning experience on UVM’s campus.
  • Gain expertise and perspective on sustainable practices related to food systems, which have immediate, real-world application.
  • Engage with local sustainability focused organizations via site visits and discussions in the classroom with broad-based stakeholders.

We know the problems. We need the solutions. We need commitment to action and positive change. And in order to address the challenges of worldwide food systems sustainability, we need visionary and informed leaders. We need you.


“I attended this program for the opportunity to learn from other professionals involved in the many different issues that exist in our current food system. Ultimately, it has helped me to stay inspired about what I’m doing locally.”
Sara Clow 2014
Zoe Lloyd 2012