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Guaranteed Admission Program

Make your dreams of a UVM education a reality.

The University of Vermont’s Guaranteed Admission Program (GAP) offers both recent high school graduates and non-traditional adult students the opportunity to demonstrate their academic readiness, earn college credit and eventually enroll in an undergraduate degree program at UVM.

Upon successfully completing a series of approved college courses and one-on-one sessions with an academic advisor, students are positioned for guaranteed admission into the UVM undergraduate program of their choice.

Continuing Education (CE) helps non–traditional, non–degree students in Vermont and beyond to continue their education whether they are preparing to pursue a degree, planning a career change, or seeking professional development or personal enrichment. The Office of Admissions at UVM works as our partner in assisting students to enter their chosen UVM degree programs.

Census data shows that adults with a college degree earn nearly 80% more than their high school counterparts.  Experience shows that GAP students are highly motivated, committed to academic success and well prepared for the college life experience.

No matter where you have started, UVM’s Guaranteed Admission Program can get you on the road to higher education.

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  • Ensure you qualify: You must have a high school diploma or GED to qualify and must present all relevant transcripts in order to be eligible for GAP.

The GAP Committee at UVM will review your application and transcript(s) and will contact you with a decision. Continuing Education advisors will discuss university admission requirements and recommend appropriate degree programs and courses to help you develop a plan for academic success.