Is the Masters in Medical Sciences considered an enhancement program? Who can attend?

The Masters in Medical Science is an academic enhancement program. Qualified candidates are those who have shown promise in the sciences and can do a challenging curriculum without needing remedial courses.

What does the typical MMS student profile look like?

Our student cohort is a diverse group. Some have recently graduated from undergraduate schools, while others have been working in a career for some time. Many of our students are looking to improve their academic record by demonstrating their intellectual capabilities in a rigorous graduate program. Once successful alumni, they then become more competitive applicants to medical schools or other health care programs.

How many students are admitted to the Masters in Medical Science each year?

The cohort is kept small to ensure students have diect faculty support, while learning in an intimate environment. On average, we accept 35 students into each cohort.

What advising support will I receive?

At The Robert Larner, M.D. College of Medicine at The University of Vermont we realize how important your future goals and aspirations are and provide one-on-one and group advising throughout the program. In addition to program academic advising, we provide support regarding the medical school admissions process and each students’ time line and goals. Our support does not end once you graduate the program. We continue to work with alumni to help them reach their career aspirations.

My previous grades are not a representation of my ability. Will your admissions committee still consider my application?

When reviewing applications, we look at the candidate holistically. We want to know that you are capable of succeeding in our program and can handle a strong science curriculum. We take into account prior academics, experience, letters of recommendations, recent coursework and anything else that helps to demonstrate your character and potential. Standardized test scores are not required, though applicants are highly encouraged to provide previously taken standardized tests as it could affirm baseline knowledge.

Is there a glide year after the MMS program?

Many students will take a glide year unless they apply to MMS and medical schools at the same time. Most often, our students will apply to medical school after completing the MMS degree.

Does the program provide MCAT prep?

One of the unique features of our program is that you’re getting the content that is covered in the MCAT very intensively through your academic courses. Additionally, in partnership with Kaplan Test Prep, UVM offers a discounted rate for the MCAT Prep Self-Paced Online course, which is open and available to all UVM students at a rate of $1150 per student, a significant savings off of Kaplan’s current retail class rate of $1999 per student. Kaplan’s MCAT Prep Self-Paced Online course allows you to prep for the MCAT on the schedule that works best for you. View the details of the Kaplan MCAT class.