UVM’s Master of Medical Science degree is a 30-credit, one-year, on-campus program, which includes a cohesive set of core courses that cover the major biomedical disciplines and provides the foundation of understanding how the human body works. It covers the fundamentals of biochemistry, cell biology, physiology, pharmacology, biostatistics and human anatomy course that prepares graduates well for medical and other health professional school curriculum.

Students complete the core courses and work with their advisor to customize the remaining courses for the 30 credits total.

Potential Curriculum for One-Year Completion:

  • Human Anatomy
  • General Biochemistry I & II
  • Cell Biology
  • Human Physiology & Pharmacology I & II
  • Biostatistics I
  • Capstone Course

Students must complete a comprehensive exam, integrating their knowledge of core course material in a written paper, by their end of their final semester in the program.

At the successful conclusions of this program, students may request from the program, a College of Medicine Dean’s Letter to be submitted with their medical or health professional school application.

ANNB 201 – Human Anatomy 6 credits
PHRM 301 – Medical Pharmacology 6 credits
BIOC 301 General Biochemistry I * 3 credits
MPBP 301 Human Physiology & Pharmacology I * 4 credits
PHRM Integrative Pharmacology & Physiology 3 credits
Elective/ PH 303 Biostatistics I 3 credits
BIOC 302 General Biochemistry II* 3 credits
CLBI 301 Cell Biology * 3 credits
MPBP/PHRM 390 : MMS Capstone Seminar 2 credits
Elective/ PH 303 Biostatistics I 3 credits

MMS Curriculum Requirement

* Designates Core Course. No substitutions allowed.

This course curriculum is 30 credits and designed to enhance students’ academic portfolio and increase their success in the health related fields. As designed above, this program may be completed in as little as 12 months.

MPH Required CORE Courses (subject to change) Fall Spring Summer
BIOC 301 General Biochemisty I
MPBP 301 Human Physiology & Pharmacology
PHRM 308 Integrative Physiology and Pharmacology
BIOC 302 General Biochemisty II
CLBI 301 Cell Biology
Additional Course Requirements Fall Spring Summer
Anatomy ANNB 300 Human Gross Anatomy or
RAD 396 Radiological Anatomy
Biostatistics PH 303 Biostatistics I: Applied Research in Public Health or
CTS 320 Analyze Clinical & Translational Research
CTS 325 Multi Analysis Clin&Trans Research
MPBP/PHRM 390 Capstone (optional)
Electives (common electives listed below) Fall Spring Summer
OBGY 200 Understanding Human Pregnancy
MMG 233 Genetics and Genomics
PHRM 240 Molecules to Medicine
SURG 200 Emergency Medicine Research I
PHRM 200 Medical Canabis
Public Health Courses

Possible Electives

Disciplines within The Robert Larner, M.D. College of Medicine at The University of Vermont offer a variety of courses at the graduate level. Some of these courses are offered on a rotating basis. Please refer to the registrar’s website for up-to-date course offerings: Any of the following courses that list prerequisites should have been met prior to registration. Below is a non-exhaustive list of electives for consideration.

BIOC 351 Proteins I: Structure and Function
BIOC 352 Protein/Nucleic Acid Interactions
BIOC 354 Nucleic Acids
BIOC 372 Cancer Biology
CTS 302 Quality Health Care
CTS 305 Cell to Society I *
CTS 306 Cell to Society II *
MMG 222 Clinical Microbiology
MMG 223 Immunology
MMG 225 Eukaryotic Virology
MMG 233 Genetics and Genomics
MPBP 310 Molecular Control of the Cell
NSCI 302 Neuroscience**
PATH 303 Translational Pathology
PH 301 Public Health & Health Policy
PH 302 Epidemiology I
PH 304 Environmental Public Health
PH 305 Policy Org & Financing of Health Care
PH 306 Social & Behavioral Public Health
PH 312 Food Systems & Public Health
PH 313 Public Health and Social Justice
PHRM 201 Introduction to Pharmacology^
PHRM 240 Molecules and Medicine^
PHRM 272 Toxicology^
PHRM 290 Topics in Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology^
Pharmacology XXX Medical Cannabis^
PHRM 305 Milestones in Pharmacology*^
SURG 301 Immunity and Host Defense

*2 credits (it is anticipated that students would enroll in CTS 305 in the fall and CTS 306 in the spring)

** 4 credits

^courses  in Pharmacology may not be considered for your BCPM score

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