Who is the typical student?

UVM’s trauma-informed, resiliency-based and inter-professional graduate courses are designed for teachers, educational leaders, school counselors, mental health clinicians, social workers, child welfare workers, and health professionals in Vermont and out-of-state.

Can I start the program at any time?

Yes. Courses may be taken individually or as a sequence. Register for one course from each of the focal areas (Foundational, Integrated and Applied).

Do most students complete the program within one year?

Yes, it’s offered such that students can take one course per term, summer, fall, and spring.

What are the tuition and fees for this program?

For the most up-to-date listing of UVM’s tuition and fees, please visit the UVM’s Student Financial Services website.

Is Federal or Institutional financial aid available?

Please contact UVM’s Student Financial Services Office for more information on Federal and Institutional Financial Aid.

I’m interested in pursuing additional coursework in this field.

For more information about advanced study in this area, please contact Dr. Jessica Strolin-Goltzman at jstrolin@uvm.edu