Student Support

UVM’s Post-Bacc Pre-Med Program has everything a student needs to be successful.

Post-Bacc Pre-Med Alumna Amelia Parnell’s Journey to Medicine

UVM offers personalized educational and professional support in a variety of ways, including:

Medical Opportunities That Give You an Edge

UVM’s Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Med program is aligned with the top-ranked UVM Larner College of Medicine, an award-winning academic medical center focused on outstanding patient care, along with the UVM College of Nursing and Health Sciences. Students gain access to unique research opportunities, direct patient care experiences, and community service opportunities.

Personalized Pre-Med Advising and Planning from Day One

UVM pre-health advisors will help you understand curriculum, research, and patient care opportunities, and guide you through the application cycle and requirements for our school linkage programs. They will work with you to build a customized academic and professional plan, and to prepare for the Committee Letter Process.

Building a connection early on — discussing your goals, listening to your questions, troubleshooting your challenges — sets up a productive relationship with your pre-health advisor. As soon as you enroll in your Post-Bacc Pre-Med program, you’re invited to make an appointment to get up to speed on the many resources that are available to you. Meeting with your advisor is an important step in your new student orientation.

After that, meetings with your advisor take place on your schedule. Choose to meet online or by phone as often or as infrequently as you wish. There’s no question or occasion that’s too big or too small. Sometimes, a 15-minute phone call is all you need. If you need 60 minutes, we can do that, too.

Meetings with your advisor may cover:

  • Identifying a course plan: Plan ahead semester-by-semester to ensure you’re taking the right courses in the right sequence.
  • Connecting with essential services: Need help finding student health services or academic tutoring? We’ll point you in the right direction.
  • Collaborating with faculty: We’re here to help you work effectively with faculty on diverse issues related to your studies.
  • Utilizing online tools: Review strategies for staying connected to your classmates and professors on Blackboard or learning online.

Meet Vika and Kristen: your resources for one-on-one pre-health advising.

MCAT and Medical School Application Preparation

We work with you to determine the best resources to help you prepare for your MCAT and med school application. In addition, UVM offers a discounted Kaplan MCAT Program.

Linkage Agreements

UVM offers linkage programs with health and medical schools, including our own top-tier UVM Larner College of Medicine and the UVM College of Nursing and Health Sciences, as well as other schools. We provide guidance on how to meet the criteria to satisfy the requirements for linkage programs. See our Post-Bacc Linkage Agreements page for more details.

Committee Letter Process

UVM offers a personalized Committee Letter Process that provides comprehensive support of each students medical school application.

Access to the Post-Bacc Pre-Medical Community Hub

The UVM Post-Bacc Pre-Medical Community Hub is your online community resource to access academic, professional, and personal support to complement your Post-Bacc experience. The Hub is a shared resource where you will:

  • Receive important information and updates regarding your program
  • Receive information about direct patient care and research opportunities, the Committee Letter process (CLP), useful study tips/timelines, and community events
  • Connect with current and former students
  • Communicate with advisors and Post-Bacc peer ambassadors

Post-Bacc Pre-Medical Peer Ambassadors

Peer Ambassadors bridge the social gap and connect students with opportunities and share lessons-learned from their Post-Bacc experiences. Peer Ambassadors host drop-in hours and study groups for interest areas, such as MCAT, CLP, time management skills, and general Q&A about the Post-Bacc experience.