The 4-week, non-credit, online course highlights the topics of leadership, career development, productivity, selling, and personal empowerment.  This course is geared towards leaders interested in inspiring others while they develop their own leadership strengths.

This course is based on the book “The Modern Compassionate Leader” and will consist of the following four modules. The first two modules focus on hard skills and the second two modules focus on soft skills. These are the essential skills needed for managers to elevate into effective compassionate leaders.


  • Module 1 – Strategic Leadership

Strategic Thinking ● Long Range Focus ● Managerial Courage

Leaders who fully commit to their authored or assigned strategy and align their teams behind the strategy achieve success. They are the champions for the long view, making today’s decisions courageously to keep everyone connected to the strategy.

  • Module 2 – Productive Leadership

Functional Competence ● Productive Intent ● Sound Judgment

Execution is the ante for all successful leaders. Today’s leaders must possess the knowledge and intention to deliver results and make decisions that help teams win.

  • Module 3 – The Heart of Leadership

Empathy ● Transparency ● Humility

Leaders and their team members are full persons. Intellect and emotion are embraced, not separated by the compassionate leader. Honest, personal relationships are the key to creating teams that win together and stay together.

  • Module 4 – Assertive Leadership

Calm Steadiness ● Learning Orientation ● Pragmatic Resilience

Leaders who withstand storms that arrive without notice guide teams effectively. Assertive leaders hold a curious mindset even when circumstances are most difficult. They fully commit to success and recover quickly from setbacks.