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How to Meet People in College

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Meeting new people can seem daunting! On UVM campus, there are so many ways to get meet people while you expand your skills and knowledge. See what these organizations can do to get you connected make your experience at UVM more memorable:

Sign up for a class in Pottery or Photography at the Living/Learning Center and put your skills to the test!  You’ll meet students and artists, get to practice your craft, and walk away with a few works of art.

Join an organization. The Women’s Center, LGBQTA Center, religious organizations, and ALANA Student Center (ASC) are all identity-based organizations that support students by providing diverse events, support staff, study space, and advocacy to support students’ academic experience on campus. Get involved with students who care and make a difference on campus!

Participate group study session through in the Learning Co-op. Drop-in tutoring allows you to take advantage of a great study environment and to ask a tutor for help if you need it.  Stop in with specific questions or to get feedback from your classmates – no appointment necessary.

Take a drop-in Group Fitness Class through UVM Campus Rec. They have fun classes at various times every day where you can easily meet people and get into a healthy routine.

Be part of a club that makes a difference. End world hunger one grilled cheese (or vegan) sandwich at a time!  FeelGood offers gourmet sandwiches and donates 100% of the proceeds raised to the Hunger Project.

These are just a few of the ways you can meet people and learn outside of the classroom.  With so many options to choose from, it’s easy to get involved on campus. With all of the clubs and organizations available to support you, you’re bound to find your groove in no time.