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High School Students Travel Abroad and Prepare for College

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UVM students Kayla Baczewski of Westford, Vt, and Alex Kruppof Shelburne, Vt., traveled to Dublin during their senior year of high school as part of UVM’s study abroad program.

The University of Vermont’s Dublin study abroad program for high school juniors and seniors gives students the opportunity to challenge themselves academically, earn college credit, develop new friendships, and experience the rich culture of Ireland’s capital city.

Here’s what the Kayla and Alex – friends since seventh grade – had to say about the program.

What made you want to study in Dublin before starting college?
We wanted to go abroad and thought it would be really exciting to not only learn about the history of a different country, but to also experience it. It was also a nice opportunity to earn college credit.

What were some things you learned about yourselves during the trip?
We learned how to take care of ourselves when our parents were across the ocean. We learned that we like to travel abroad and experience other culture, and how we’re able to handle social situations within a large group.

How did the Dublin study abroad trip prepare you for your first year at UVM?
We had quite a few days of long classes and would travel afterward. On top of that, we would have to write a paper or do a lot of reading. Don’t get us wrong – it was a lot of fun, but it was just hard to balance everything. The limited time to complete assignments really helped us learn how to balance academics, social outings, and sleep.

Any plans to participate in one of UVM’s study abroad programs?
I would like to participate in one of UVM’s study abroad programs but I’m not quite sure how it will correspond with my course load for my major in Exercise and Movement Sciences.

Kayla: I’m a Business Administration major, so I plan on participating in the Doing Business in China program this summer and also studying abroad in Russia during my junior year.

Why would you recommend the Dublin Study Abroad program to other high school students?
We would definitely recommend the Dublin Study Abroad program because it was a great cultural experience. We were able to learn about historical events during morning classes and then visit the actual sites during the afternoon. It was a unique and exciting experience, and one that you simply don’t get from just reading a textbook.

UVM Dublin Students
Kayla and Alex

Interested in UVM’s Dublin Study Abroad program? Visit Student travel dates are July 10-25, 2014, and the program includes an online component after students return.