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Career Workshops Help Boost Confidence, Skills and Improve Job Search Strategy

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Making a career change or developing additional skills to move up in a role can sometimes feel daunting. Having a career coach in your corner through new career workshops at UVM can not only help you land on your feet but also give you the tools to take command of your next career move. The Upskill Vermont Scholarship Program offers two free online career workshops for Vermonters get the skills, confidence, and support needed to achieve their career goals.

Exploring the Career Path for You

University of Vermont career coach and instructor Heather Palow tells students that there’s more than one path to a new job or career; so being open to new opportunities while also working on a plan is key. “No matter what career change you want or how quickly you want to leave your current job, having a plan will help you smoothly explore your career interests while learning how to successfully design your ideal career.

In the Exploring the Career Path for You workshop, students learn how their current skills and abilities can be transferred to new career opportunities. By the end of the 4-week online course, students will be able to:

  • Review current job, education, skills and abilities and how they can be transferred to a new career field.
  • Explore career options that could be available based on interests, knowledge, abilities, skills and work values.
  • Prepare for different career paths by reviewing job descriptions to determine what education and minimum requirements are needed. 
  • Discuss and determine who is on the career design team including mentors and collaborators who will support your success as you take steps toward career change.

Getting the Job You Want

Vermonters who are currently engaged in, or planning, a job search should navigate toward UVM career coach Sue Schlom’s free workshop Getting the Job You Want.  

In this 4-week online workshop Schlom explains that too often job seekers apply for dozens of jobs only to get rejected, or even worse, not hear anything at all.

The focus of this workshop is on:

  • teaching relevant and current job search strategies and techniques to increase the chance of getting past the recruiter into the interview process and, ultimately, getting the job
  • exposing job seekers to the opportunities to upskill through UVM and other available programs.

What students will learn:

  • Job Search Strategy & Resume Basics
  • Creating a Targeted Resume & Cover Letter
  • Networking & LinkedIn
  • Interview Skills & Negotiating an Offer

Workshops run each month: August 16, September 13, October 18, and November 22. Space is limited and free to Vermont residents.