Are you engaged in, or planning, a job search?

Too often job seekers apply for dozens of jobs only to get rejected, or even worse, not hear anything at all. The focus of this course is on:

  • teaching relevant and current job search strategies and techniques to increase the chance of getting past the recruiter into the interview process and, ultimately, getting the job
  • exposing job seekers to the opportunities to upskill through UVM and other available programs.

What you will learn:

  • Job Search Strategy & Resume Basics
    • Develop a job search strategy
    • Identify employers’ needs and how/where to gain those skills
  • Creating a Targeted Resume & Cover Letter
    • Understand what employers look for in a resume/cover letter
    • Know what content to include on a resume/cover letter
    • Learn how to create a resume targeted for a specific job
  • Networking & LinkedIn
    • Gain confidence about networking and using LinkedIn
  • Interview Skills & Negotiating an Offer
    • Prepare for commonly asked interview questions
    • Evaluate and negotiate a job offer