There’s more than one path to a new job or career.

This course explores how your current skills and abilities can be transferred to new career opportunities as you gain clarity and direction related to designing your future. Career exploration is complex and through career guidance, readings and reflective exercises this course will support you as you design a career that has a look and feel all its own. This also includes reframing your transferred skills from past jobs and education into your next opportunities.

No matter what career change you want or how quickly you want to leave your current job, having a plan will help you smoothly explore your career interests while learning how to successfully design your ideal career.

Course Learning Objectives

By the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Review your current job, education, skills and abilities and how they can be transferred to a new career field.
  • Explore career options that could be available based on your interests, knowledge, abilities, skills and work values.
  • Prepare for different career paths by reviewing job descriptions to determine what education and minimum requirements are needed. Top job titles are discussed as well as preferred qualifications within various careers.
  • Discuss and determine who is on your career design team including mentors and collaborators who will support your success as you take steps toward career change.

Create a career goals plan and map out the next steps to increase your marketability within your ideal career.