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Open to graduate-level students; All other students require instructor permission; Must submit the request at: http://go.uvm.edu/phcourses Students will be notified if permission is granted; Contact student Advisor, Pallas Ziporyn at Pallas.Ziporyn@uvm.edu for any questions; Asynchronous online

Section Description

In a world full of disparities, inequities, and injustices, it is critical that we use our skills, knowledge, and experiences to lead the way for positive change. In this course, we will learn to effectively use our voices and positions within public health (both in the qualitative and quantitative fields) to move towards health equity, health promotion, and dismantling the many disparities present in our society through advocacy work. With unique commentary and interactions from various public health advocates spanning across the United States, students will be provided the unique opportunity to strengthen and build upon their skills to effectively make changes in their intended communities.  We will explore the steps required to develop a public health campaign and connect what we learn to major issues in our society. We will evaluate the importance of stakeholders, awareness, education, and community connectedness in the context of public health advocacy. Lastly, we will utilize discussion-based practices to explore existing public health campaigns and enhance communication skills and practices when advocating for positive health outcomes and health equity. Some of the course objectives include: 1) Identify and utilize the steps needed to develop a public health campaign for advocacy work. 2) Identify effective communication skills and strategies when speaking to legislators, stakeholders, and community members about advocacy work. 3) Analyze the role of legislation and government in public health policy, policy reform, and implementation of new bills, policies and laws.

Section Expectation

This is a course offered through the Master of Public Health Program. This is a completely online and asynchronous course. Each module will begin on a Monday and end on the following Sunday. Each week, there will be required readings/videos, lecture materials, at least one graded assignment, and a discussion component. Weekly comprehension quizzes will be due at the end of each module and there will be additional assignments due throughout the course, including a final assignment. Per University policy regarding work required for a three-credit hour course, students should expect to spend at least six to eight hours a week outside of class on this course.


Grades will be based on major course criteria including the following: participation on Yellowdig, course quizzes, and various assignments throughout the course, including but not limited to a final assignment.

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