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Ideas, designs,  disciplines, and people come together in the Fab Lab.
UVM Fab Lab Provides Play Space for ‘Makers’ of All Ages

Twenty-four hours a day, the University of Vermont’s Fabrication Laboratory, or Fab Lab, is buzzing with activity. You might not see any students lining up to design... Continue Reading

Being able to navigate the tension between risk and reward is important.
A Survival Guide to Starting a Successful Small Business

Photo courtesy of By Joseph Fusco If you’re reading this, you have an itch that may need scratching — the desire to start and run your... Continue Reading

Adjusting to life at home after living abroad isn't as easy as it sounds.
Culture Shock: Returning to the U.S. after Studying Abroad

By Anna Weber My return to my hometown was an emotional blur: familiar faces and places and foods, questions, answers, hugs, kisses. I forced myself to smile,... Continue Reading

Chelsea Carman and Jan Carney, MD, MPH, associate dean for public health
Pursuing a Career in Public Health as an Online Student at UVM

Public health is a diverse, rewarding, and growing field that offers many career options for people from a variety of educational backgrounds. Being able to improve the... Continue Reading

Before you interview for a job, be sure to research the company.
Tips for Interviewing and Landing a Job After Graduation

Angela Kiniry, the director of human resources at the National Life Group in Montpelier, is a faculty member of UVM’s Business Savvy, a six-credit, summer course open... Continue Reading