UVM’s Sequences in Resiliency-based & Trauma-Informed Practices are designed for teachers, educational leaders, school counselors, mental health clinicians, social workers, child welfare workers, and health professionals in Vermont and out-of-state. The courses will provide targeted instruction on trauma-responsive, positive behavioral and restorative approaches. This instruction aims to enhance social-emotional and behavioral well-being and promote positive organizational climates.

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  • Convenient online and distance course format.
  • Earn graduate course credits that may serve as elective coursework towards Master’s Degree programs like Special Education (non-endorsement pathway), Curriculum & Instruction, Counseling, or Educational Leadership.
  • Students in the Master’s in Social Work program may also take the sequence as a supplement to their degree.
  • Course credit may be used to earn CEUs to maintain your professional licensure.
  • Learn from accomplished faculty with experience in schools, child welfare, mental health, research, and state government.
  • Build a network of colleagues working across disciplines and professions.


Resiliency-based Approaches Framework

(adapted from University of Maryland Positive Schools Center Framework)

Courses may be taken individually or as a sequence. Register for one course from each of the focal areas (Foundational, Integrated and Applied).

(sample courses)
Advanced (select pathway; sample courses) Applied Capstone (sample courses)
EDSP 330 – The Trauma Lens: Understanding core concepts of trauma and resiliency

EDCI/EDSP 331: Society, stress and brain

EDSP 332: Trauma-informed, resiliency based, and interprofessional practices in schools and social service agencies

Other classes

Pathway 1: Trauma-responsive and restorative practices

EDSP 334: Trauma-informed & evidence-based practices with children and families

Pathway 2: Family-School-Community & Interprofessional Collaborations

ECLD 205: Family, School, and Community Collaboration

Other classes

EDSP 333: Resilience oriented systems change in schools and human service agencies

ECSP 355: Implementation Science in Early childhood special ed

Other classes

2021-2022 Offerings

Summer 2021
Fall 2021 Spring 2022
EDSP 330 (Core): Trauma Lens

EDSP 334 (Core):  Trauma informed prevention and interventions with children and families

EDSP 200: Social Emotional Learning

EDSP 330 (Core): Trauma Lens


EDSP 205:  Families schools communities

EDCI 331 (Core): Society, Stress, & the Brain

EDSP 332 (Core): Resilience & Interprofessional trauma inf. Practice

EDSP 333 (Core) Resilience oriented Systems Change

EDSP 200: Restorative Practices


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