The licensure series is designed to flow as a sequence, with the management course (EDLI 372) a prerequisite for all other courses. However, the courses may be taken as stand-alone courses or taken out of sequence as circumstances permit with permission of the instructor.

School Library Media Courses are offered in a rotating two-year cycle, one per semester Fall, Spring, Summer.

Program of Study

First Year of Sequence

EDLI 6720
Managing and Leading School Library Media Centers (FALL)

This course examines foundational principles and issues of school librarianship, such as intellectual freedom, equity, and access. Candidates will prepare for organizing and operating a school library media center, with emphasis on leadership and advocacy for planning, policy and procedure development, facility design, personnel administration, and program evaluation.

EDLI 6730
Developing and Organizing School Library Media Center Collections (SPRING)

Explore fundamental concepts for developing and organizing School Library Media Center collections in this course. Equity of access to information resources is a guiding principle that drives collection development, and emphasis is placed on evaluation, selection, and acquisition of resources appropriate for students, staff, and other patrons in contemporary schools in both physical and virtual environments.

EDLI 6770
Information Technologies for School Library Media Centers (SUMMER)

This course explores the planning, instructional use, and management of technology in the contemporary school library media center. Learners will develop competence and confidence in teaching with and using technology. This course explores the ways that technology can support readers, provide access to resources, create community, and give students authentic outlets to communicate their ideas beyond school walls. Course participants will also examine ways to design instruction to teach and promote digital citizenship and media literacy skills.

Second Year of Sequence

EDLI 6760
Information Sources and Services for School Library Media Centers (FALL)

This course focuses on the teacher librarian’s role in the information landscape. Information Sources and Services addresses: research strategies, search tools, information curation, teaching, and evaluation with multimedia digital reference resources to meet the needs of a diverse learning community. There will be an emphasis on virtual library learning spaces which is critical in an anytime, anywhere learning environment.

EDLI 6740
Designing Learning in School Library Media Centers (SPRING)

This course is designed to explore theories and best practices for teaching and learning in today’s school libraries. School Librarians are educators who demonstrate knowledge of learners and learning. They model and promote collaborative planning and assessment, instruction in multiple literacies, and inquiry-based learning which enables members of the learning community to become effective users and creators of ideas and information. School Librarians design and implement instruction that engages students’ interests and develops their ability to inquire, think creatively and critically, build citizenship skills, and gain and share knowledge in a proficiency-based, personalized learning environment.

EDLI 6710
Children’s and Young Adult Literature (SUMMER)

Effective school librarians promote reading for learning, personal growth, and enjoyment. This course is designed as a survey of the context and merit of children’s (CH) and young adult (YA) literature, that is, books written for and read by readers from ages Pre K-Grade 12. The course will examine major trends in children’s and young adult literature, and current issues in the selection of reading materials in multiple formats to support reading for information, reading for pleasure, and reading for lifelong learning. The course also includes a focus on best practices in reading and literacy instruction that enhances opportunities to meet the diverse interests and abilities of all readers.

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