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Dual Enrollment

A statewide program for high school students, juniors and seniors, to access two college courses with tuition fully reimbursed by Next Generation Funds, a Vermont State Legislative funded program.

  • Many University of Vermont courses are available through this program including Calculus, Computer Science, Human Biology, Psychology, and English.
  • Courses are offered during the summer and academic school year, online and on campus.
  • Funds must be used in the Legislative budget year.
  • For more information, contact Continuing and Distance Education: (phone) 802-656-2085 or email: learn@uvm.edu

Vermont Dual Enrollment Program Guidelines

Who’s Eligible?

High school students who are Vermont state residents are eligible for two vouchers during their junior or senior years in high school. Students are not eligible to use a voucher the summer after they have graduated from high school. Students must apply for a voucher for the semester they wish to enroll in a dual enrollment course. Students who attend an independent high school and are not tuitioned there by their hometown, are not eligible for a voucher.

Program Details:

  • The voucher covers the cost of tuition for up to a 4-credit course at any of the participating colleges. The voucher does not cover the costs of comprehensive fees, lab fees, materials and textbooks. Some funding is available through VSAC, to help cover these additional costs, for students who are eligible for free and reduced price lunch.
  • Vouchers are awarded on a semester-by-semester basis, and unused vouchers expire every semester. (You can apply again.)
  • Students must request a voucher, before they register at UVM, regardless of whether they take a course on a college campus or take a course at their high school for college credit.
  • Students must get approval for a dual enrollment course from their high school principal/dual enrollmentdesignate to ensure they will receive high school credit. (For a voucher to pay for a college course, it must count as credit towards graduation at the student’s high school.)
  • If a student changes his or her mind and wants to attend a different college, the student needs to apply for another voucher.
  • If the student drops the course within the college or university’s published add/drop period, the voucher will not be applied, and a new voucher can be requested for a different semester.

Full Terms & Conditions