St. Johnsbury

Spring 2022

St. Johnsbury, VermontWelcome to our OLLI St. Johnsbury program. We are pleased to be resuming in-person programs! This semester we will be offering 8 programs, held at 1:30-3:00pm Thursday afternoons on the dates listed below at Catamount Arts, 115 Eastern Avenue, St. Johnsbury, VT.

Health & Safety: UVM sponsored non-credit functions/activities/offerings (which includes our OLLI programs), whether held at UVM or at a non-UVM facility or location, are governed by the same health and safety policies. As such, UVM expects event participants, visitors and guests will be vaccinated. Masks are required to be worn indoors, regardless of vaccination status. Further, Catamount Arts requires proof of vaccination for all visitors/attendees of programs held in their venue. If you are outdoors, you are invited to mask up if you are in close proximity to others or in a large group. If this event is taking place at a non-UVM venue, consideration must be given to the requirements of the host site and the more stringent requirements will apply. UVM’s current face covering guidance can be found here:

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March 10

Songs and Spirits

Dan Lindner, “Banjo Dan”
Vermont musician, Dan Lindner, will speak about the art of songwriting, illustrating his talk with live solo performances of several songs from his upcoming “Spirits” CD (compositions based on spiritual traditions from a broad cross-section of cultures and traditions with topics as diverse as Greek mythology, Buddhism, Native American spiritual practice, Hawaiian deism, New England folk beliefs and more). Dan will discuss his approach to writing lyrics, composing melodies, deciding on instrumentation and working out arrangements, touching also on selecting accompanying musicians and the recording process itself. An engaging speaker as well as an accomplished musician, Lindner will encourage participation in what promises to be a lively Q&A segment.
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March 17

The Outer Limits

Bobby Farlice-Rubio, Science Educator and Musician
Well known local educator, Bobby Farlice-Rubio, will discuss the status of space related current events at NASA and the deployment of the Webb Telescope.
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March 24

Local Life in the 1850s: Adding the Railroad, Embracing Abolition, and Raising Women as New Leaders

Beth Kanell, Author
From the moment in 1850 when the Fugitive Salve Act passed, the nation was destined for Civil War. How did that stunning decade unfold – right here? Historian, novelist, poet and memorist, Beth Kanell will tell us!
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March 31

Writing About Harriet Tubman (A Family’s Role in Preserving the Legacy of an American Hero)

Bob Amos, Musician, Songwriter interested in Genealogy
The story of one family’s important role in preserving the legacy of a great American hero by writing about her in books and magazine articles.
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April 7

Songs of America

Robert Farlice
From the Revolutionary War to modern society, music has always been an integral part of the American landscape. Historical events and societal situations have led to the creation of music that reflects the true meaning of our circumstances. Song has long been a description of what’s going on to the solution we can muster. The presentation will explore these songs and their relevance to our existence. We will explore the origin of these songs to the inclusion in our history.
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April 14

Weighing the Fairbanks

Dan Swainbank, Author
Topics will include: the invention of the platform scale and the growth of the family business to become a worldwide enterprise; the contributions of the three generations of men and women to the growth and governance of the town; the creation and sustaining of the Fairbanks institutional endowments; and the political and social issues they confronted. He will also discuss the delicate process of separating fact from legend, 21st Century values as applied to 19th Century events, and objective sources versus family sources. The Fairbanks legacy is a family story – with triumphs and losses – as well as an historical record.
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April 21

Log Drives in the Connecticut River Valley

Helen-Chantal Pike, Author
New research and archival images from the works of Helen Chantal Pike’s late logging-historian father, Robert E. Pike. Robert was born in Hamden, CT but was raised by an uncle in Waterford, VT and was enchanted by the tales of the imposing, spike-booted loggers who swaggered down the Connecticut River and camped on his uncle’s farm. He is the author of the 1967 Tall Trees, Tough Men (widely regarded as the definitive history of the New England logging industry), and Spiked Boots, a self-published 1956 compilation of the legends and lore handed down for generations by those who lived and worked in the woods and along the rivers of New England.
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April 28

Bessie’s Story – Watching the Lights Go Out

Tom Farmen, Retired Educator, Dog Owner
An inspiring story about a charming, brave, unpretentious chocolate Lab who gradually loses her eyesight. The author chronologically leads the reader from the original diagnosis to terminal blindness for his beloved four-year old pet through the two-and-a-half year transition to sightlessness. In the process, Bessie unwittingly becomes an expert mentor and teacher for the high-wire act of growing older with grace and optimism. With videos and Bessie’s story comes to life.
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