Spring 2022

Welcome to our OLLI Rutland program. We are pleased to be resuming in-person programs! This semester our program will be eleven lectures, held at 1:30pm Friday afternoons on the dates listed below at the Godnick Adult Center, 1 Deer Street, Rutland, VT.

Health & Safety: UVM sponsored non-credit functions/activities/offerings (which includes our OLLI programs), whether held at UVM or at a non-UVM facility or location, are governed by the same health and safety policies. As such, UVM expects event participants, visitors and guests will be vaccinated. Masks are required to be worn indoors, regardless of vaccination status. If you are outdoors, you are invited to mask up if you are in close proximity to others or in a large group. If this event is taking place at a non-UVM venue, consideration must be given to the requirements of the host site and the more stringent requirements will apply. UVM’s current face covering guidance can be found here.

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Time and Place: All lectures are held on Fridays from 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm at the Godnick Adult Center, 1 Deer Street (off Woodstock Avenue) in Rutland. For directions to the Godnick Center or for program information call 446-2041 or 492-2300.

What If It Snows? In the event of a winter storm or storm warning: if Rutland High School closes for the day (not simply a delayed opening), we will cancel our program for that day. School closings are announced on local radio or TV, and on

March 4

Opening Family Mysteries with DNA
Michael F. Dwyer, American Genealogist Fellow

Michael F. Dwyer will present an overview of a widely used tool that has revolutionized genealogy. He will provide examples of different types of DNA analysis and explain their applications.

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March 11

The Pleasures of a Diary, of Letters, of Poetry to Share a Thought, If Only with Oneself
Yvonne Daley, Author and Journalist

We wrote to “Dear Diary,” to pen pals, to Secret Santa, to relatives we hardly knew. I considered my job to write a smidgen of the diary – the stories, hard and soft, difficult or sweet – of a community. Writing is a way to organize one’s thoughts, from the mundane to the deeply personal. I’ll show how I use poetry at times to understand myself, to argue with myself. In prose, I’m a fan of the scene – which should always have a mix of people, action, dialogue, place, development. Details matter – especially sensory: sight, smell, taste, hearing, mood, etc.

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March 18

The Meaning of a Map
Bill Morris, Satellite Imagery Engineer at Mabox

Mapping technology has advanced at a startling pace and shows no sign of slowing down. Bill Morris is a satellite imagery engineer at Mabox where he builds data pipelines and works toward a better representation of the Earth from above. Using a set of meaningful maps as a guide, we’ll fly backward and forward through cartographic history to give it all some context.

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March 25

Steel Pan: Symbol of Resilience
Jennifer Cohen, Director of the Panhandlers

Music is woven into the cultural fabric of any society, and the evolution of the steel pan in Trinidadian history is a rich tapestry indeed, influenced by social class, race, and political orientation. Jennifer Cohen of Calypso Connections is passionate about creating opportunities for groups of all ages to experience the joy of making music together. A short performance and opportunity for audience participation is included.

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April 1

The Past in 3D: Recent Archaeology and 3D Imaging in Rutland County, VT
Matthew D. Moriarty, Director of Archaeology at Castleton University

Recent developments in 3D imaging have revolutionized the field of archaeology, making it possible to explore new avenues in research, preservation, and educational outreach. This talk will present early results from recent archaeological investigations at the Galick Site, a large Precontact and Historical site in West Haven, and Granger House, a National Register home in Castleton Village. As part of this discussion, Dr. Moriarty will highlight how 3D imaging is being used to document and present heritage resources from these and other sites in Rutland County, VT.

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April 8

Luigi Lucioni: Modern Light
Katie Wood Kirchhoff, Curator, Shelburne Museum

Dubbed Vermont’s “Painter Laureate” by Life magazine in 1937, Luigi Lucioni was a twentieth-century realist painter and print maker, best known for his scenes of Vermont. Join Shelburne Museum curator, Katie Wood Kirchhoff, for a conversation about the artist, his work, and a new publication and exhibition premiering at Shelburne Museum in June 2022.

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April 15

Growing Attractive Native Plants to Support Pollinators and Birds
Henry Homeyer, Author and Columnist

A power point presentation that will emphasize the importance and beauty of native plants, drawing from four books on gardening and 24 years of weekly columns in New England newspapers.

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April 22

Rum Running on Lake Champlain
Scott A. McLaughlin, Director, VT Granite Museum

During Prohibition rather than risk being caught along the roads that crisscrossed the US-Canadian border in New York and Vermont, many professional smugglers and others avoided lawmen altogether by using the open waters of Lake Champlain. Learn how these outlaws smuggled alcohol into the United States from Canada and how the U.S. Customs officers tried their best to stop the seemingly never-ending flow of booze between 1920 and 1933.

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April 29

Radical Disparities in VT: From Real Data to Radical Empathy
Dr. Stephanie Seguino, Professor of Economics, UVM

Dr. Stephanie Seguino is a Professor of Economics at the University of Vermont. Her research focuses on inequality, especially by race and gender in areas such as pay, employment, health, and housing. This presentation will explore the evidence of racial inequality in Vermont policing. Dr. Seguino will share her photographic work that portrays the deep humanity of black men, encouraging us to examine and rehabilitate our own negative racial stereotypes.

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May 6

Is Our Democracy Really in Peril?
Jon Margolis, Author and Political Columnist

In a way, democracy is always in peril. It’s a delicate system. But here in America, where democracy was invented, it’s had an unusually tough couple of years: partisan doubts about the integrity of elections, the first-ever refusal of a defeated candidate to concede, a violent insurrection aimed at overturning the results, and an increasingly tribal and partisan discussion of the situation. Join us for a non-partisan, anti-tribal, dispassionate discussion of the situation.

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May 13

The Wonders of the Vermont Night Sky
Cale Shipman, Amateur Astronomer

A short introduction to what you might expect to see on any reasonably dark night in Vermont, with or without a telescope.

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