Cannabis Science and Medicine Professional Certificate


Cannabis Sample Syllabus Spring 2017By completing the Cannabis Science and Medicine certificate program, you will have the skills to:

  • Identify the potential benefits and risks of medical marijuana
  • Discuss dosing and pharmacokinetics of medical marijuana
  • Explain to patients the pharmacology of cannabinoids and terpenes and the best indications for clinical use
  • Identify the key legal issues around medical marijuana
  • Describe the pharmacology and toxicology of cannabis and cannabis-based products
  • Critically review and assess the current evidence for safety and efficacy of cannabis and cannabis-based products.

The curriculum includes the following:

Program Introduction: History of Cannabis
Monique McHenry, PhD

Cannabis Plant Biology and Basic Science
John McPartland, DO, Monique McHenry PhD, Wolfgang Dostmann, PhD

Cannabis Production and Safety
Monique McHenry, PhD, Kalev Freeman, MD, PhD

Cannabis Pharmacology
Kalev Freeman, MD, PhD, Karen Lounsbury, PhD, John MacKay, PhD

Cannabis Clinical Research (Pain)
Kalev Freeman, MD, PhD, Fran Carr, PhD

Cannabis Clinical Research (Motor Disorders)
Kalev Freeman, MD, PhD, Karen Lounsbury, PhD

Program Summary
Monique McHenry, PhD

As an additional benefit, students who successfully complete the full Professional Certificate Program will be given free access to the five online Continuing Medical Education (CME) modules. Qualified participants will be able to claim CME credit for each module successfully completed. Information on how to access and complete the CME modules will be sent to students after completing the Professional Certificate Program.