Week 1: Program Introduction/Cannabis History, Law & Policy, Business, and Knowledge Gaps
Monique McHenry, PhD & Willy Cats-Baril, PhD
Presentations: History, Law, & Policy; Business; Knowledge Gaps

Week 2: Cannabis Plant Biology
Monique McHenry, PhD & John McPartland, DO, MS
Presentations: Taxonomy, Omics, and Evolution
Topics: Plant genetics, including gene-assisted breeding and other innovative techniques
Live Session

Week 3: Cannabis Chemicals
Monique McHenry, PhD & Wolfgang Dostmann, PhD
Presentations: Phytocannabinoid & Terpene Production and Phytocannabinoid & Terpene Chemistry

Week 4: Cannabis Agriculture
Taylor Readhough, BS, Scott Lewins, MS, Heather Darby, PhD, & John McPartland, DO, MS
Presentations: Hemp pests, CEA, Outdoor hemp agriculture, and IPM
Topics: Indoor growing optimization, Field growing optimization, Pest management
Live Session

Week 5: Cannabis Post-Harvest Processing
Monique McHenry, PhD, John MacKay, PhD & Vinnie Zachary
Presentations: Post-harvest processing, Botanical extractions, and Analytical Testing

Week 6: Cannabis and Humans
Kalev Freeman, MD, PhD, Linda Klumpers, PhD, & John McPartland, DO, MS
Presentations: Modes of administration, Pharmacology, and Endocannabinoid System
Live Session

Week 7: Program Summary & Student Project Presentations

Week 8: Career Development
Topics: Job search, targeting resumes, and interview strategies