This program is intended to be a unique experience for students to develop a broad understanding of Cannabis and its medicinal use, with more advanced concepts relevant to biology and medicine in the context of the following objectives:

  • Utilize a balanced academic approach to dispel myths surrounding the benefits and toxicities associated with Cannabis use
  • Discuss pharmacokinetics of Cannabis for therapeutic use
  • Explain to patients the best evidence-based indications for clinical use of cannabinoids and terpenes
  • Identify the key legal issues around Cannabis for therapeutic use
  • Describe the pharmacology and toxicology of Cannabis and cannabis-based products
  • Critically review and assess the current evidence for safety and efficacy of Cannabis and cannabis-based products.

The curriculum includes the following:

Program Introduction: History of Cannabis, Business, Policy and Law 
Monique McHenry, PhD
Presentations: Introduction; History, Legalization Status, and Research Policy; Business; Law

Cannabis Plant Biology and Basic Science
John McPartland, DO, Monique McHenry PhD, Wolfgang Dostmann, PhD
Presentations: Plant Biology; Chemistry; Endocannabinoid System
Live Seminar

Cannabis Production and Safety
Monique McHenry, PhD, Kalev Freeman, MD, PhD
Presentations: Production Preparations; Safety

Cannabis Pharmacology
Kalev Freeman, MD, PhD, Karen Lounsbury, PhD, John MacKay, PhD
Presentations: Modes of Administration; Adverse Effects

Cannabis Clinical Research (Pain & Endocrine System)
Kalev Freeman, MD, PhD, Fran Carr, PhD
Presentations: Chronic Pain and Inflammation; Cancer and the Endocrine System
Live Seminar

Cannabis Clinical Research (Motor Disorders)
Kalev Freeman, MD, PhD, Karen Lounsbury, PhD
Presentations: MS and Parkinson’s; Epilepsy
Live Seminar

Program Summary
Monique McHenry, PhD