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St. Albans Lecture Series

Fall 2018

Lectures will held be on Wednesdays at 11 am and will be located at the St. Albans Museum, on the third floor, corner of Church and Bishop Streets in St. Albans. The lecture site is handicap accessible with parking available behind the museum.

August 29, 2018
Bret Corbin, Author & Historian
The Pirates of Dingley Dell
A journey to an amazing 1920 – 30s boy’s camp on Lake Champlain where the attendees constructed a huge pirate ship and lived on it while taking fanciful journeys throughout Lake Champlain and beyond. The author will share stories about the people in his book that showcase the magic and ingenuity surrounding the camp in an era that never will come again. Many rare photos will be shown, some for the first time.

September 5, 2018
Hank Kaestner, World Traveler
Jewels of Ecuador
Hank will take us through many different habitats, from the low lands of the Pacific coast of Ecuador, up over the Andes and down to Amazonia, stopping at Eco-Tourism lodges along the way. The result is not only over 330 species of birds but also an appreciation for what Eco-tourism gives back to the environment.

September 12, 2018
Tim Brookes, Professor
The Endangered Alphabets Project: How to save endangered languages and the cultures that gave birth to them.
What does the age of digital convergence, ‘Facebook’, and globalization mean for the future of the written word? Writer/carver/painter Tim Brookes offers remarkable and thought-provoking perspective on this question by looking at a range of forms of writing from all over the world that are in danger of extinction. He displays a carving of a piece of text in each script, leading a discussion on how technology will help—and always has helped—define the nature of communication, and shows how the story of a culture can be seen in its writing, even if that writing is (as in these examples) beautiful, utterly unfamiliar, and disappearing. He will also describe his own work in trying to preserve or revive those languages, in some instances by creating children’s games.

September 19, 2018
Thea Lewis
Wicked Vermont – tales of bad tidings
Thea Lewis, creator of Queen City Ghostwalk, the haunted tour called ‘Best Scary Stroll’ by Yankee Magazine has a new book from The History Press titled ‘Wicked Vermont’, in which she explores the dark and seamier side of notorious Vermonters through our state’s history. America’s first serial killer, a Vermonter who built his empire with contraband coming in both directions across the northern border, and a runaway schoolboy who became one of the most famous circus bareback riders the world has known, Thea gives us the straight scoop on these and other famous and infamous Vermonters.

September 27, 2018 (Note: Thursday)
Jack Mayer, MD, MPH – author and Vermont pediatrician
Before the Court of Heaven: Historical fiction about the rise of the Third Reich
Before the Court of Heaven is inspired by the history of how Germany’s Weimer democracy became the Third Reich. This award winning novel is a cautionary tale for today about the fragility of democracy and how ordinary, fundamentally decent Germans became complicit in extraordinary crimes. The presentation will be accompanied by a Power Point presentation with slides of the inter-war period.

October 3, 2018
William Tortolano, Professor Emeritus St. Michael’s College
People, Music and 88 Keys, More or Less: Keyboard Instruments Through the Ages
The harpsichord, clavichord, the pianoforte – and more through the ages. Lionel Hampton and other jazz greats used the marimba, xylophone (vibes), and Tchaikovsky used the Celeste. With a PowerPoint demonstration with music (including Ravel’s left hand concerto) – what a story and music!

October 10, 2018
Ron Kilburn, President, Swanton Historical Society
The Hotel Champlain on Maquam Bay
Bet you didn’t know that there once was a destination resort on the Maquam shoreline of Lake Champlain in Swanton. Bet you didn’t know that the St. J. and L.C. Railroad dismantled the “Bellvue House” in Sheldon Springs, circa 1880, and moved it in sections to the Maquam Shore where it became the main building in a 25 acre park until it burned in 1920. Bet you didn’t know that the Steamer “Maquam” regularly called at the hotel pier and made trips to Plattsburgh and other ports of call on the Lake, to the delight of hotel guests. Ron Kilburn will be discussing the hotel from its inception to its ultimate demise and has multiple photos, maps, menus and stories to share.

October 17, 2018
David Nagel, Founder: Lincoln Hill Group
Energy Priorities for the 21st Century
Over the last 50+ years, America’s basic energy policy has focused on energy security, energy affordability, and the local environmental impacts of energy production and use. But these last 50 years have also seen dramatic changes in the world’s population, economic production, and energy consumption. David Nagel, who spent 37 years in the international energy business, will explore these energy trends and their implications for our children and grandchildren.

October 24, 2018
Captain Steven Pond
One Half Century on Lake Champlain Ferries
This presentation will discuss the evolution of working on Lake Champlain Transportation Company Ferries from running a ferry built in 1913 to operating their brand new boats. The most popular question? Have you ever seen ‘Champ’? Come for the answer!!

October 31, 2018
Jason Barney, Teacher and Historian
Bootlegging in Franklin County
The Swanton Historical Society’s Jason Barney has popped the cork on Franklin County’s sordid history of bootlegging, nearly 100 years after the Eighteenth Amendment plunged America into a dry spell. The Eighteenth Amendment prohibited alcohol in the United States. The United States is not Canada. But Franklin County borders Canada. Thus Franklin County became a crucial stop on a smuggler’s highway, running from our neighbors to the north into Vermont. Border crossings and bays became stages for our local law enforcement to valiantly, tragically and sometimes humorously attempt to foil booze-smugglers of varying degrees of competency. Barney, a Highgate native, said he was curious about the extent of rum-running, beer-running, wine-running, etc., around the area in which he grew up. The extent, his research showed, was extensive.

November 7, 2018
Laz Scangas, Architect
The Life and Cruel Death of Pennsylvania Station
In October 1963, the demolition of Penn Station in New York City began. Immediately protests began to save the Station from demolition. Why was it being torn down? It was built in 1905 by the Pennsylvania Railroad, the Standard Railroad of America. Come learn about the history, construction, glory days and demise of Penn Station in New York City, at one time the largest railroad station in the country.

November 14, 2018
Alex Lehning, Executive Director St. Albans Museum
Vermont Visionaries: The Smith Family of St. Albans
Historically, Smiths have been described as the ‘family that transformed St. Albans’, a dynasty of politicians, entrepreneurs and philanthropists, their efforts defined the heritage of the ‘Rail City’, Franklin County, the State of Vermont and beyond for generations. This presentation will explore key moments in the lives of the Smith Family and examine the legacy their work left behind…an impact still felt throughout our region today.

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