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Diving Instructor Optimizes His Digital Skills in Online Marketing Course

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Paul Nonemaker is changing careers and exploring career options in digital marketing.

Nonemaker’s background is in mental health counseling. But after deciding to make a change, he enrolled in the UVM Digital Marketing Fundamentals Professional Certificate Program. The eight-week online marketing course covers everything digitalfrom SEO to paid search to email marketing.

“I liked how the program was put together and each week there was a different topic,” says Nonemaker, whose passion is scuba diving. “There are so many different roles in digital marketing. Even if you don’t like one particular thing, you can focus on something else.”

UVM’s award-winning digital marketing program allows professionals to learn the holistic value of digital marketing through research and development of an actionable marketing plan. Every week, the program highlights a specific digital marketing topic, such as display advertising, SEO, and digital analytics.

This online marketing course is taught by seasoned practitioners who are succeeding in the digital space. Understanding the interconnected value of these channels and disciplines helps students set themselves apart from other marketing professionals and guide their development as a digital marketing expert. It’s designed as an introduction course for career starters, career advancers, and career changers, and students can expect to leave the course with a solid foundation for the field.

Nonemaker, who is a scuba diving instructor in Key West, Florida, attended Temple University and Kutztown University and worked in mental health counseling for four years. He began diving in Pennsylvania quarries while he was college, and he became a certified instructor last summer.

“I love exploring different worlds and I love the water,” he says.

For anyone interested in learning more about digital marketing, Nonemaker says he would point them to UVM’s program.

“I think this program would benefit almost anybody. There’s a lot to digital marketing—paid search, social media, SEO,” he says. “Start by picking one or two things you want to focus on, get familiar with it, and figure out what you like.”


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