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5 Benefits Summer College Provides for High School Students

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Kristen Kilbashian an enrollment coach for UVM’s Pre-College programs talks about what high school students can gain by taking college courses in a summer college program.

Pre-college advisor Kirsten Kilbashian
UVM Pre college student advisor Kristen Kilbashian


Q: Can you first explain the basics of a summer college program for high school students?

A: Summer pre-college (high school) programs give students the opportunity to find out what college-level courses are all about while also fulfilling high school requirements, saving on tuition and building skills to help them be successful.

Q: What are some of the benefits of summer college for high school students?

A: There are so many benefits to students! Here are some of the most compelling:

  1. Ease the transition to college life. Socialize, make new friends, check out student life, and campus culture. A residential program will give students firsthand knowledge of what it’s like to live on campus and become part of a college community.
  2. Assess college readiness. Get a sense of what will be expected in a college level course and address skill gaps before becoming a full-time student.
  3. Make a positive impression on admissions officials. Successfully completing a college course (grade of C or better) is a way for students to prove they are ready for college-level work.
  4. Explore new subjects. Students have the opportunity to take classes outside of the typical High School curriculum allowing them to explore majors and career options they may not have considered.
  5. Cut college costs. Students earn college credit so they will have a head start on freshman year. During the summer, high school students receive a 50% discount off in- and out-of-state academic year tuition. In addition, Vermont’s Dual Enrollment program provides Vermont high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to take two college level courses tuition free.

Q: Can you tell us specifically about UVM’s summer college program for high school students? 

A: UVM’s summer college program for high school students was established in 2004 and attracts more than hundreds of students from Vermont, New England and beyond. UVM offers more than 100 online and on-campus courses for high school students in the summer and throughout the academic year. We also offer Summer Academy, a four-week program where students are part of a learning community and participate in off-campus and on-campus activities. Summer Academy has both residential and commuter options, and includes an online component.

Q: For students who will be on campus, what is there to do in Burlington?

A: Burlington is amazing in the summer. Locals and visitors alike enjoy shopping, eating and strolling down Church Street, biking the Island Line Trail, swimming in Lake Champlain, and attending a variety of events and cultural activities. Burlington is a vibrant, engaging place with outdoor festivals, live music, bike paths, parks, and a thriving food scene. Burlington is located on the shores of Lake Champlain and is less than an hour from some of the best hiking and skiing in Vermont.

Q: When can students register?

A: Summer registration usually begins in early spring and continues throughout the summer. We have three summer starts –May, June and July. Students interested in taking a college level course can complete the online pre-college registration form.

Students interested in a unique, subject-based Summer Academy experience should complete the online Summer Academy application. These programs begin in July.  

Q: Where can parents and high school students learn more about UVM’s summer college program?

A: For details about programs, courses, Dual Enrollment, and tuition, visit or call us at 800-639-3210.


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