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PSS 1990 Pest Management for Gardeners is an asynchronous online course designed for undergraduate students and gardening enthusiasts who want to gain a foundational understanding of “garden” entomology and effective insect pest management strategies tailored for garden-scale food production in the Northeast USA region. Through a combination of video lectures, readings, and online reflections, participants will learn to identify, monitor, and sustainably manage garden pests. Learning Objectives: After completing this course students will: 1. Be able to recognize and identify the most prevalent insect pests that affect gardens in the Northeast USA, including their physical characteristics and common behaviors. 2. Gain a fundamental understanding of the basic biology and life cycles of garden pests in the Northeast region. 3. Learn how to use monitoring techniques to assess the population dynamics of garden pests in the Northeast region. This includes methods like trapping, visual inspections, and using environmental cues to predict pest outbreaks. 4. Gain knowledge of various pest management strategies, with an emphasis on environmentally responsible and region-specific approaches. This will include understanding integrated pest management (IPM) principles and cultural, biological, and chemical control methods.


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