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“I loved the hands-on aspect of this course and our ability to interact with our community. A perfect blend of science and humanities with a little spice of something different and engaging.” - Student Testimonial Join local Community Herbalist and Co-founder of Spoonful Herbals and RAILYARD Apothecary & Clinic, Katherine Elmer, to explore the historical and perspectives of Herbalism, as well as its present-day context through the lens of many cultures, herbal justice and activism, and the realms of complementary/integrative health and Western allopathic biomedical models. The sustainable harvesting, preparation, and storage of herbs are covered in addition to the use of herbs as support for general health and well-being. Video "Weed walks” to meet and harvest medicinal plants growing on the UVM campus as well as guidance exploring your own backyards and green spaces will be included in this online course offering. A "kitchen medicine-making kit" may be shipped to students so that they may practice the skills of herbal teas, poultices, salves, etc. at home. Guest speakers include area herbalists, gardeners and integrative health practitioners. Students will be evaluated based on their participation in online discussions, 2 home medicine-making assignments, and their reading and lecture comprehension as shown through 4 small writing and research paper assignments. This service-learning course engages students as contributors to local community herbalism efforts to provide affordable, local, plant-based medicine for all members of our community. Buy local, eat local and HEAL LOCAL!!!


Online course meets synchronously on Zoom 2-4pm Thursdays and also includes asynchronous work; Colocated with HLTH 2990 Z1; Total combined enrollment = 25 Special Topics courses cannot carry CC designations.

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