About ARTS 1400 OL1

Introduction to contemporary art practice in various media. Explores method and meaning in art making, the role of experimentation, and the translation of experience into artwork. Credit not awarded for both ARTS 1400 and ARTS 1014.


Asynchronous online course

Section Description

Section Description Artists throughout history have used their studio practice to engage with and respond to the socio-cultural events of their time. Through multiple visual mediums, artists help us to make sense of the world and give us a marker to understand history. In this class, we will look into the work of artists throughout the late 20th and early 21st centuries to gain a broad perspective of artists and their work, and through drawing, painting, and multi-media creations, students will develop their own connections and artwork in response.

Section Expectation

Section Expectations This course will expand students understanding of studio arts practice and introduce concepts of interdisciplinary art making. Through investigation and analysis, students will work individually and collectively to make connections between art-making and the changing world around them. Students are expected to participate in all facets of their learning and demonstrate growth through engagement in course materials and advancement of skills through individualized assessment.


Evaluation The majority of evaluations will be based on student concepts and artworks. However, success overall will be demonstrated by a commitment to the class, and artistic and scholarly growth based on each individual's starting point and rigor of practice.

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