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About ARTS 2200 OL2

Topics exploring themes in painting at the intermediate level. Students will learn and work through technical, formal, and conceptual issues about painting. Representative topics: Representing Landscapes; Collage and Assemblage; Watercolor Painting. May repeat for credit with different content. Topics vary by offering; periodic offering at intervals that may exceed four years. Prerequisite: ARTS 1010, ARTS 1011, ARTS 1014, ARTS 1100, or ARTS 1400.


Asynchronous online course

Section Description

This online, asynchronous summer class is an introduction to using collage and assemblage as a means of expression. This course is designed to investigate and discover how images and materials conjoin in unexpected ways, and is designed for all levels of experience. We will explore the medium of collage with paper, fabric, fibers, found objects and photographs. The use of drawing will also be considered as material and enhancement. Student will learn how to create and investigate sculptural assemblage using a variety of found objects and materials to explore how to combine disparate materials in a cohesive whole. Each session will be accompanied by a presentation of relevant artists who work with collage and assemblage. Demonstrations of cutting and gluing with two and three- dimensional materials will also be included. A list of suggested materials and tools will be offered that will correspond with demonstrations.

Section Expectation

Students will be expected to collect and create materials that can be used for collage. Videos, texts, and presentations outline and demonstrate collage and assemblage concepts, techniques, and assignment contexts. Students will create four finished projects based on assignments that relate to varous aspects of working with collage in two and three dimensions. Critical feedback will be offered for projects in progress and fully resolved projects will be posted on pre-designed power point presentations so that the entire class can appreciate each other’s creations. Students will be asked to write about approaches and realizations within the context of the projects. We will be using Teams as the on-line asynchronous platform for the course.


Students will present 4 finished projects based on assignments given during the course. Each project will be evaluated and given an individual grade. Fine grades will be based on finished projects and student response and involvement.

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