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This course explores global public health challenges affecting people primarily in developing or resource- constrained coutries. Cultural competency concepts will be embedded. Prerequisite: Bachelor's degree.


Open to Graduate-level Public Health students only; All other students require instructor permission; Must submit the request at: http://go.uvm.edu/phcourses Students will be notified if permission is granted before classes begin; Contact student Advisor, Vika Pleshakova at vpleshak@uvm.edu with any questions. Asynchronous online

Section Description

This course explores global public health and global health challenges affecting people primarily in developing or resource-constrained countries. Cultural competency concepts will be embedded. The on-line course is divided into four modules. We will examine basic principles of global public health, culture and health behavior, social determinants of health, the burden of disease (infectious, chronic, mental health), reproductive health, complex humanitarian emergencies, and global health agencies and collaborations.

Section Expectation

By the end of the course, students should be able to: 1. Describe how principles of public health are applied in a global context 2. Discuss determinants of health, including ethical and human rights issues 3. Evaluate the burden of disease across countries 4. Analyze various contributors to global public health issues 5. Appraise the role of international health organizations 6. Determine how to develop partnerships to solve global public health issues


This course will use specifications grading (“specs grading”). All assignments will be graded as Pass/Fail; there will be no partial credit/grades. You decide what to do to get the grade you want; in other words, it will be your choice. The number of assignments you complete (according to listed requirements) will determine your course grade. Each assignment is fully described in the syllabus, so be sure you check the description of the Criteria for a Pass prior to submission. Incomplete assignments will receive a Fail. Assignment Discussion board postings with responses to classmates (weekly) Country specific policy brief assignment on your Discussion Board 1. Country Choice 2. Policy Brief 1 3. Policy Brief 2 4. Policy Brief 3 5. Response to a Policy Brief Optional assignment: Website analysis

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