About MATH 1234 G

Introduction to calculus of functions of one variable including: limits, continuity, techniques and applications of differentiation and integration. Credit not given for more than one course in the pair MATH 1212, MATH 1234 unless followed by MATH 1248 or MATH 1242. No credit following receipt of credit for MATH 1248 or above. Prerequisite: C- or better in MATH 1034 or a score of 76 or higher on the placement assessment.


Prereqs enforced by the system: MATH 1034 or ALEKS MPA of at least 76; Open to Degree and PACE students

Section Description

Math 1234 is a four credit course in first semester calculus for students interested in mathematics, computer science, engineering and the physical sciences. The course covers a lot of material. We begin with an extensive look at the idea of the limit; which is the idea that underlies all of calculus. We will define the derivative, which generalizes the slope of a line. We will learn how to compute the derivatives of most of the common functions. After learning how to find derivatives, we will apply derivatives to find maximums and minimums, optimal outcomes and to graph many functions. We then move on to define the integral, which is the other main idea in calculus. The integral will allow us to find areas under curves. This has many important applications and we will consider several. We will see that the derivative and the integral are opposite sides of the same coin. One of the great results in all of mathematics.

Section Expectation

You are to have a solid knowledge of precalculus and of basic trignometry. You should have taken the math readiness test that UVM offers. If not, we might be able to work around it. Send me an email. There will be homework on Webassign. Webassign is a computer system for homeworks and tests.


You will have homework assigned several times a week. There will be 6 tests, (I will drop the lowest score) and a final exam. All the graded work will be done on Webassign.

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