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In the Spirit of Incentive-Based Budgeting, Summer U Collaborates for Success

By Beth Taylor-Nolan By now we’ve all heard that as of July 1, 2015, UVM will change its budget model to Incentive-Based Budgeting (IBB). The IBB model... Continue Reading

Hackathon Brings Software Engineers, Students Together

By Amanda Kenyon Waite With “Eye of the Tiger” blaring, their fists pumping and cheers erupting, a team of students jogs into the final round of the... Continue Reading

A Family-Focused Approach to Stuttering in Children and Adults

By Danra Kazenski, PhD, CCC-SLP What do Julia Roberts, Marilyn Monroe, Emily Blunt, Shaquille O’Neill, Joe Biden, and Darth Vader have in common? They are all people... Continue Reading

Leader and Teacher Accountability in Education

By Philip Lanoue, Ph.D. UVM Alumnus, Superintendent of Clarke County School District Having grown up in Vermont and experiencing public education both at the K-12 level —... Continue Reading

Mental Health Matters Conference Speaker Emphasizes Power of Connection

By Jon Reidel Despite a proliferation in health-related services for an increasing number of students experiencing anxiety, depression, stress and other mental health issues, it can be... Continue Reading