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college campus sustainability
How to Develop Strategies to Create College Campus Sustainability

Renewable electricity. Fair trade. Racism. Gender discrimination. Composting. As more colleges and universities are increasing their commitment to sustainability, higher industry professionals are looking to develop and... Continue Reading

brewery course
Brewery Course Showcases the Value of Intellectual Property Protection in Craft Beer

Opening and operating a brewery requires all kinds of physical assets, including kegs, boilers fermentation tanks, refrigeration, and waste treatment systems. But the intellectual property of your... Continue Reading

UVM Food Hub Certificate
Food Hub Certificate Helps Organizations Find Their Place in the Food System

Ben Earle is all about using innovative approaches to solve organizational and community problems. The executive director of Feed the Need in Durham, Ontario, enrolled in UVM’s Food Hub Management... Continue Reading

precollege summer program
Adventures in Neuroscience: Understanding the Human Brain and Nervous System

The brain is the human body’s most complex organ. Weighing about 3 pounds in adulthood and consisting of billions of tiny cells, the brain—the central organ of our... Continue Reading

Simone Washington Break Through Leaders
Ben & Jerry’s Social Mission Leader Teaches UVM Students of the Breakthrough Leaders Program About Creating Consensus

How do stakeholders find common ground when they share the same goals but hold vastly different opinions? Simone Washington, the social mission strategy and policy manager at... Continue Reading