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Precollege student Camille Sweet and Mom Leigh
Advantage: Sweet. Starting College Ahead of the Game with Pre-College Courses

This February, Camille Sweet will start the spring semester of what would’ve been her first year at the University of Vermont with 61 credits under her belt... Continue Reading

COVID Vaccine in Development
A Vaccination for COVID-19: What Comes Next?

On Sunday, November 15, more than 69,000 Americans were hospitalized with symptoms of COVID-19 and the United States reached 11 million coronavirus cases – only six days... Continue Reading

remote internships
Finding Remote Internships in High School

Remote internships in high school are an effective way to gain work experience in a professional environment, develop and grow a one’s skill set, and establish strong... Continue Reading

craft beer distribution
UVM Course Helps Julianne Walshaw Navigate Craft Beer Distribution and Sales

At Rek’-Lis Brewing Company, Julianne Walshaw has served many roles, including server, bartender, and assistant manager. She’s now the New Hampshire brewery’s sales and distribution manager. While... Continue Reading

complex systems graduate certificate
Complex Systems Graduate Certificate Helps Students Learn the Art and Science of Data 

As an engineering manager at Google’s Open Source Programs Office in Seattle, Amanda Casari thrives on leading a team, working with the research community, and strengthening open-source... Continue Reading