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Professional Actuarial Exam Preparation

Actuary consistently ranks in the top 10 of all jobs in the United States. This is due to the fact that a graduate degree is not required, yet the role promises both high salary potential and significant job growth. The field also offers great benefits and opportunities for professional development and advancement.

Students in the actuarial science sequence often begin working in the field immediately after completing their coursework and passing only the initial two certification exams. Because the job market in actuarial science is so hot, companies usually pay for their employees’ remaining exams and often offer them salary increases each time they pass an exam.

In their day-to-day work, actuaries use statistics and theory to analyze the financial impact of risk and liability for payment of future insurance and pension benefits Traditionally, actuaries have worked in the insurance industry, but they increasingly are finding jobs in health care, consulting, business and government.

Visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ website to learn more about employment, salaries, and certification for actuaries.

Program Overview

Courses in the University of Vermont’s professional actuarial science sequence, offered fully online or on-campus, are specifically designed to prepare you to sit for the actuarial science exams.

The online sequence allows you to:

  • Learn from home.
  • At a time that fits your schedule.
  • Prepare to enter this fast-growing field.

The on-campus version allows you to:

Taught by instructors with both formal academic backgrounds and experience in industry, the program has a more than 75% success rate for students taking the certification exams – compared to an industry average of 30%.

Case Study

Read a case study on our new UVM Brainwaves blog to find out how a student – a UVM graduate with a political science degree – completed the actuarial science sequence and landed a job with an international firm after taking only four classes and passing two professional exams.

Who Should Apply

A growing trend in the industry is to value an actuary’s ability to think critically, communicate clearly and present well. This trend is making prospective applicants with well-rounded backgrounds and aptitude for mathematics more attractive than those with an actuarial degree alone.

The Actuarial Science Sequence is suited for students with strong math skills and liberal arts degrees with an interest in sitting for the actuarial science exams.

Courses in the sequence are also appropriate for working professionals with strong quantitative backgrounds and degrees who desire to explore the field.