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Data, Research & Curiosity: What Drives Ela Zakrzewska’s Public Health Profession

By Sarah Tuff Dunn When she left Warsaw, Poland, with a master’s degree in animal science from the city’s University of Agriculture, Elzbieta Zakrzewska—who goes by Ela—flew... Continue Reading

Alumni Advice: Josh Brown on “Dr. Demento” and Tuning In to Your Talents

Photos by Shem Roose By Sarah Tuff Dunn If you’ve ever seen the funky flowers for Om Records, the flying Burton penguin, or the groovy graphics for... Continue Reading

Alumna Julie Desrochers on Public Health, Perspective, and the Power of Positivity

By Sarah Tuff Dunn “Blood is something we all have, but rarely consider,” says Julie Desrochers, the fall prevention program manager at the Vermont Department of Health,... Continue Reading

Multiple Mini-Interview Format Offers Unbiased Assessment of Med School Candidates’ Skills

By Carolyn Shapiro On a Friday afternoon in early December, Cary Jewkes was busily arranging cubicle walls in the Given Courtyard atrium at the University of Vermont... Continue Reading

Alumni Advice: Larry Martin on Making a Slam Dunk in the Sports Industry

By Sarah Tuff Dunn “At UVM, I really had no idea what I wanted to pursue for a career,” admits Larry Martin ’93, the senior vice president... Continue Reading