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The Right to Food: Power, Policy, and Politics in the 21st Century

All people deserve access to adequate, nutritious food. The complicated and provocative question for the fourth annual UVM Food Systems Summit on June 16-17 is how to... Continue Reading

The Nile Project: Major International Sustainability and Music Project Comes to UVM

By Natalie Neuert A ground-breaking, innovative, and exciting program called the Nile Project will come to Burlington for a concert at the Flynn Center, followed by three... Continue Reading

UVM Expert on Biofuel Energy Applies Research and Industry Advances Through Course, Textbook

In a world facing volatile gas prices and increasingly scarce resources, researchers are scrambling to find new sources of energy. Biofuels, derived from food crops, wood, grass,... Continue Reading

Research and Education Drive Vermont’s Farm & Food Economy

By Matt Sayre The purpose of education is to promote social progress. Research universities, such as the University of Vermont, were founded on the belief that teaching... Continue Reading

Three Qualities of Leadership that can Catalyze Change

Someone I once supervised told me my leadership ethic was clear and simple: Pay close attention. Do good work. Make no excuses. I had never thought of... Continue Reading